Does Naamah hate the universal circle?

I bought the Universe Circle recently and I want to evoke Naamah but I heard she HATES circles, but that doesn’t include the universal circle right? Or should I just evoke her with the Qliphothic circle?

Naamah from my experience tends to be more comfortable being summoned outside of the circle with a offering (which typically is Oolong tea sitting on a blanket for me or red roses, she tends to enjoy those) and likes to be treated as a proper guest compared to the latter. If you are insistent on a circle, I would summon her with a sigil outside of it and ask her respectfully if she would be willing to participate. I feel like that would overall be the best approach for things if I was in your shoes.


Circles may be hated as part of a “binding” magical paradigm, but maybe that’s different if they are conceived like 2D reduction of a sphere, reproducing the universe inside the temple.