Does Mental illness have connections with Possession?


Most severely mentally ill people I’ve met (schizophrenoia, psychosis, severe depression, all bad enough to majorly disrupt that person’s life) have had a combination of soul-loss and what’s called spirit intrusions, parasitic things that attach and feed on the raw energy.

Full-on Exorcist-style possession by a major named demon isn’t something I’ve personally encountered, though I definitely wouldn’t rule it out.

I believe Lon Milo DuQuette accidentally gave an opened sigil to someone inside a guitar and that person went crazy and became obsessed with horses, which were associated with that particular spirit (can’t remember which one right now).

Firstly, a spirit could cause the mental illness (for any number of reasons. Depending on the type of spirit). Secondly, a spirit could be attracted to the person and feed on them, purposely making them worse for more food.

If possession is your screaming psyche’s constructions trying to cure you, then most probably. If your mental illness is caused by other people or external stimuli then NO.


that’s why drugs is a big no no.I’ve seen people transforming into something else just by a glass of whisky…When you switch vibrating rates without having any kind of control you become an easy target for parasites…If you can take drugs and be your self,it’s fine but most of the times you loose control and something else can take the wheel from you.

Did you know for example, and so I hear, that the possessed individual has no knowledge of the entity that possesses them ?

I’ve actually encountered this recently this year, Eva. Nothing quite as Hollywood as the movie (Vomiting, spinning heads, lighting tricks etc)
However, what I was told was quite shocking, a lot of wake ups at 3 AM, talking in Sumerian, threatening violence, causing the dogs to leave the room.

I was advised by my associate to avoid it. I felt very responsible however, because this was a friend of mine. So luckily she had a son and I was able to give her son some tips. Everything I gave them worked and the evil/spirit left.

Why do people always just ignore it when this kind of shit happens anyways?

It’s rare for a possession to happen without ANY knowledge of it.

A possession usually manifests in 5 different steps:the Materialization of the Spirit(the part where we summon the spirit,that we’ve all(most of us) experienced),the Infestation of it in your life(when his familiars follow us and his silent influence is there outside of ritual,something else we’ve experienced),Mounting of your own body(which is what you’re probably thinking of in terms of possession,the rapture and stuff),Riding(the part where the spirit is in your body and does his thing),and Perfect Possession(the part few of us ever achieved,where Spirit and man are one)

So,a person would usually feel SOMETHING there,before getting possessed(materialization),and probably see poltergeist activity(infestation),before weird stuff happens(mounting) all of this preceding the actual possession part(riding).

However,this is all in terms of voluntary possession,as I have never heard much of the other kind.

How about epilepsy?These people are loosing their sanity for a while,and the only thing they can remember after that, is strange odors and sounds,just before the breakdown…