Does meditating for path working

A large part of magickal development hinges on spending a lot of time meditating. While I’ve meditated before and have studied TM meditation, I’ve often wondered if there’s difference in meditating when the purpose is for path working for magickal development as opposed to meditation for stress relief. Does anyone have an opinion on that question?

With successful path working, you’ll be a different person after the experience. The perceptions you have about your life and the way you live it will be forever altered/expanded.

What Narius said. Also, meditation for stress relief is BS. That relief is only temporary, it gets you nowhere.

As you progress as a magician the more in depth your meditation will become. My body fells like it is vibrating during meditation as well as often seeing still images and geometric shapes with my eyes closed. And this is coming from a guy who use to not be able to get below normal conscious thought.

I wouldn’t call it bs, if one can’t still the mind and relax they’ll have a more difficult time getting deeper into meditative states. Its also good for the body but in terms of ascent I agree you aren’t likely to get very far. Learning basic meditation is a good starting point for occult practices and its under emphasized IMO.

I have similar experiences except for the vibrating, I’ll usually feel a loss of equilibrium or falling sensation when the patterns start to come in. I’ve seen still images, words, heard voices etc when in deep states.

Perhaps vibrating isn’t the best word… it’s similar to the body high you get when smoking weed but while being completely sober.