Does Masturbation create bad Karma or draws Negative Energy?



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When people do it to give their ejaculation as an offering to a diety like Lilith, what is it they do, it is only used on the seal to charge it, is it on the altar or candle etc. If someone wanted to try it as an offering to a God or someone, what would they do?


I’ve noticed a drain in stamina.
Whenever I ejaculate I feel drained.
I actually got my only two girlfriends by not masturbating.(I’m 31 now so it’s kindof pathetic in my opinion).

I would just hold out and think about my Crush.
Pheromones maybe…
Then stuff happened.


I don’t think masturbating is a bad thing but…

I do think one should manifest something as they masterbate. Watch a youtuber named “Doelow & Teal Swan”… They’ll explain this more clearly.



Thats only because the Men are jealous and want her for themselves.


As far as I see it, it depends on how you feel afterwards than the act itself, considering how we masturbate when we’re bored and it tires us out. If you can feel good after doing it, you attract positive energy. If you feel guilty over something instead, you’ll attract negative energy.


No,only if you think of it like that


Theres alot of hypocrites out there that claim to be what they are, and what they do is right but at the end of the day, they are just actors(secretly evil). They just want to enslave ppl


That is insane. I’m trying to make a record. I went barely a month and spilt it today. lol


So I took interest because of these things I have heard and or have had happened.

  1. taking a tantric vow and then getting attacked by demons when worring I wasn’t going to last.
  2. raising tantra, thinking about the ideal person, having them show up and feel sexually harassed.
  3. obsessing about someone till they felt it and weren’t happy.
  4. casting love spells by thinking about someone and giving too much sexual energy to that person and start showing up in their dreams
  5. masturbating and creating astral babies in the astral from orgasms

and something else, and maybe something else.

Oh please someone tell me, that I am crazy/ full of shit,
and make masturbation ethical again!