Does Lucifer work with other colors than black and red?

So I’ve been wondering because I’ve been working with Lord Lucifer over the past five months with pretty great results… He’s really helped me out with a work situation and with an unfair situation with a utility company… But I feel like my needs are shifting within the next few months… I need help with unblocking anger and physical:emotionall healing, eventually culminating with attracting the right partner . I usually offer him black candles, chocolate wine, and Dragons blood incense and oil. And blood oranges when they’re available, because those are my favorite also. So I was wondering if Lord Lucifer would be offended if I offered him a green candle with healing oil with the purpose of healing (i’ve had a lot of physical issues accidents due to the above situations) and a pink candle with attracting oil for attracting a mate when the time is right… I certainly don’t want to offend him, he has been very gracious to me… What are peoples thoughts/experiences? And is he open to working with other deities?


You won’t offend him…
Green is also color of Venus, the Morningstar.
And all green stones are attributed to him, so green is very appropriate for him no matter what.

And, he is (viewed by a lot of us as) the emperor so he won’t mind you reaching out to other spirits.
To me he is also still an Angel, and in my experience he doesn’t get ‘offended’ by working with the Light.

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Lucifer isn’t my “main”, so if he wanted me to only work with him, I guess he should’ve showed up first :slight_smile: He literally showed up while I was at work to let me know I should contact him that evening, after I’d started working with a few other Deities.

Since I rarely work exclusively with him, your mileage may vary, but he’s been very kind, sometimes stern, and always seems ready to lend some advice or direct me when I get stuck and it isn’t explicitly a test or learning experience. He’s in more of a director role in some of the things I’m learning, so I know he’s using the strengths of others to teach me things they are supposed to let me know or help me discover.

If you can’t tell, I think highly of him for quite a few reasons.

Getting offended by candle colors or even working both sides of the aisle, isn’t something he’s been offended or irritated by in my experiences.

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He does. Sometimes, that even helps some rituals.

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