Does Lucifer likes his enn?

I was watching a video a few days back about evocation and how it all works, and at the end of the video a texted popped up saying that you shouldn’t use Lucifer’s enn when summoning him as he does not like his enn but so many people have said that you should use enns when summoning spirits. So im very confused and would love some help.

More like an enn doesn’t evoke the entity, an enn helps the practitioner harmonize with the energy of the entity.


so should you use the enn or not?

Not to evoke, but to ‘harmonize’ yourself with Lucifer’s energy prior to evocation.

oh okay thank you

By Enns you should try using the Qliphothic breathing. They work better and faster



based on my experiences, it also helps to evoke

in the past ive evoked only with Enn sometimes (with the demonick of course)

That’s the same thing just reworded. But literally the enn isn’t used to evoke it’s used to harmonize before evocation.

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but ive evoked only with enn sometimes so im not sure youre entirely correct, unless you take into account that i i may have gotten more used to the energy by using the Enn, idk

More like when you research enns it’s by no means a way of evocation but a means of evoking the energy of the entity so you are on the same 'wavelength" with it before evoking the actual being.

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huh, interesting, ive had evocation results simply through enn but it goes on par with what youre saying

i have heard that King Paimon and Lucfier despise their enns . If that is true i do wonder why? I mean i thought enns where given to humans by these entity’s

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i highly doubt that

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I haven’t heard that honestly since you’re evoking their energy which if they despised it they would make their enn not work.

who said that they dont like the enn? go look up here

a youtuber who works very closely with King Paimon and Lucifer.

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well i again, highly doubt they dont like you using the Enns, perhaps what the youtuber meant (provided he or she is legit) is that they dont like you focusing solely on the Enn but on them (king paymon and Lucifer) as intention to summon them

but even here i dont think its the case, im not sure who this person is, but i think hes wrong.

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its a she lol but i dont know but its what i’ve heard and it be very confusing when 1 person is telling you this and another is telling you the complete opposite. Im not saying you are lying in any way or anything like that.

no, i know, dont worry

my best advice, try calling him yourself if you wish, do what you feel is best