Does Lucifer help with love spells?

I know Father Lucifer’s good with guidance and knowledge but I’m wondering if he helps with love spell also? Do you guys have any experience with love spell or a prayer request to him? Please help


Lucifer is an all around powerhouse and can help with anything.


Yes, he can!


Anything in particular to ask him? I don’t so much need my ‘love’ to come back; if there’s one thing that isn’t lacking between myself and my (ex?) partner, it’s love. We’ve been each others many times before, and I am wondering if well find each other again this time around. I’ve asked him (I believe it was him) for guidance on this subject, but the answer has been unclear.

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In that case, try to notice the signs. And of course, try to ask him things so that he can explain to you what he meant.

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It’s thanks to Lucifer that I am with my current boyfriend!

My incubus helped with the selection process of who as well.

When I asked Lucifer for the type of guy I wanted he messaged me in less than two days. (fuck the RHP)


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