Does love magick work on people you don't know?

I don’t know if this question I’m asking is dumb or not. Is it pointless to do love magick on someone if they don’t know you exist? I know with social media it’s possible to connect with people you’d never meet otherwise though. What made me ask this question really is I was on this law of attraction subreddit and this guy basically was able to start a relationship with some chick from Instagram that he had never met. Although he did go to where she took photos(i think he traveled abroad). The whole thing he did is he just imagined a scene where they were together and he said he was crazily self confident about it. So is it possible to get the same results with magick? Evocation specifically. The person I’m trying to get with actually lives less than 30 minutes away lol. And is it ok to mix the occult with the law of attraction?

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Yes, many people have done this, including myself, and have had successful outcomes. There’s nothing wrong with this.


I would suggest at least being on their radar before you manifest a specific lover. Especially online. Trust me, influencers are approached by hundreds of people daily. It’s hard to keep up with dms and followers who adore you unless you make your presence known and “stick out” in the sea of followers. I would suggest approaching them as if you aren’t looking for romance as well. It works better that way imo but to each their own.

I too have successfully manifested a couple specific influencers from social media, to the point where we talk daily. I highly suggest getting some oils like: come to me, do as I say, fascination, and love, love, love oil to name a few. You can find all those at : Bayou Witch
I swear by them. Quality oils for certain.

So yes, very possible…just be careful what you wish for…oooOooOOOO dissappears in a puff of smoke :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::black_heart:

Keep us updated!!:rainbow: