Does Language Matter?

I researched, lots of Magick Systems, in my Main Language, in My Country, i heard about some Orders, i researched about İslamic Magick, learned about some Shaman recipes, but there is a point that i don’t understand (Maybe because of my English I can’t properly write/tell this) You Know when we chant some thing, it makes vibrations so by vibrations we send some sort of Energy to Universe, or activate some thing, or Entering some deeper brain state, but in some Rituals (in EA’s books) We recite incantations like " Fire, Water, Earth, Air, before you, … " Should it be only English Can I Translate to my language, or can i use some other phrases , is it connected to the vibrations ?

Thanks For Your Help ! :slight_smile:

Hiya OP! Language is just a representation of symbols, as long as the symbols are still the same, you could change the language as much as you’d like, or maybe even make your own!

But when it comes to using sounds in magic, they have their own resonance, so be careful of exactly what you say when you use it and avoid words that sound “off” for the context or you could end up breaking yourself!

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Sounds groovy!

@afsin No language does not matter that much. Its actually the Intent+Will exerted behind the soundform…so will likewise be the belief system itself. The sound is just an expression of that.

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Some incantations I use work best in Hebrew. Others don’t even need to be a real language, as it’s the symbolism that matters such as a phonetic sigil.

I have a hunch it depends on the entities you’re using. Archangels and the like seem to work best just through visualization and emotional transmutatio with no spoken or written language at all. Demons seem to be more particular about exactness of how you state something though whichever language it’s in doesn’t seem to matter much.

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Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

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