Does jade and jadeite and their quality matter?

Does jade and jadeite have the same spiritual qualities and power of effects?
And does the A grade quality transparent jade equal the opaque normal quality?
Do their colors matter? Is imperial green better than yellow,blue,purple

much of what your asking is subjective, try out different types and see for yourself. i used to use jade, amethyst, etc in my magickal workings but i found it really didn’t matter that much so i started carving river stones and sticks instead. for me this works better than buying a stone.

I would say yes depending on what you are using them for. Its no secret gemstone cutters and jewelry makers recognize quality in stones. Much like you wouldn’t use a cracked bar or rusty hinge that is near utter deterioration, you probably won’t want to focus ir vibrate flawed, cracked stones. You won’t get the same resonance. Look at water-glass harmonizers. Not all glasses are the same.

But, that’s just from an inept pov here.