Does it have a greater effect if I chant/pray on spirits longer?

Will the spirits know that you’ve actually taken time, let’s say 30 min. - 60 min. of praying/chanting?

Have you got your desired outcome clearly and quicker (I’m not impatient) the longer you invoke?

They exist outside of time… it’s the communication and connection part that matters.



The amount of time doesnt matter, it’s the strength of your will/intention.

These beings exist within time their time simply flows differently than ours. The etheric still has time (where these beings live) the flow is simply different. However, again amount of time still isn’t really important in the first place.


Okay what do you mean by they’ve got their own time? You mean they don’t necessarily live in the present but possibly from the future and past?

No, as in their time flows differently, a day here could be week or so there, a week here could be months there, etc depends on the area and such. These beings are born, age, grow up, etc. That’s part of existing within time, however, not all realms/planes will flow the same.