Does everyone have "that one thing" they can't manifest, or..?

So I’m curious, among the more advanced practitioners here who can get what they want most of the time, do you relate with having that one desire you can’t quite manifest no matter how powerful you get with attracting everything else?

I’m not sure if that’s typical or if what’s typical is getting everything and having nothing further to desire. EA talks about the heart of a black magician becoming a black hole once everything is attained and there isn’t anything to look forward to. Pursuit and doing vs presence and being.

Thoughts? Does everyone have that pet “thing” they lust for that evades them? What does your dream vs day ratio look like?


True love. I have never, EVER had a love spell produce any results at all.

That’s peculiar. It begs the question as to how one would define that though if you say “at all” I presume none at all.

I believe all human relationships are temporary. I’ve had “true love” for a while though. The deep stuff that warps both of you when it ends. That’s a topic for another thread though

My dragon I’m chasing got me into the occult in the first place. I’ve cast for things that have had momentum and lead to something even better. Those are miraculous feeling results. All my relationships seem to come from some sort of magickal action or another and now I’m just the type of person who attracts the sort of attention I want. I love it, seeing that I used to be invisible to women

I’ve often wondered how this works for most people here. General spells seem to be the most effective from what I’ve gathered and I’m determined to learn how to make the targeted ones work better and share it

Getting rid of that ugliness,lel.
Jokes aside, I noticed that I can’t manifest my own feelings towards people. I kinda thought that experiencing all these incredible things and all these successes and seeing how energy is connected between everyone and everything would make me “warmer” and more gentle towards my surroundings and some fellow folks. I really wanted to open myself up towards at least 2-3 people, establishing a meaningful connection, somehow. I am even further away from that than ever. And atm I am not even sure if I ever seriously wanted to “have” that :thinking:


No love spell has ever even gotten me a date. I can do them for other people, no problem, but love has eluded me.

Anything money related. I have a ton of trouble manifesting anything for myself financially

Healing. Can heal wounds and minor diseases. But with complicated cases… I’m not “there” yet. I know the reason, that’s the most annoying part about it.

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Hasn’t happened to me unfortunately, maybe because of the way I work with what you call “limitation”.

It depends on your expectations in regards with other more physical factors.

I find that these “limitations” will always have something to teach us. If you learn the lesson, you will move on, but remember that having your feet on the ground sometimes is also important.