Does everyone have an element and an aspect of energy?

How can I know the properties of my energy? How do I know the type of my energy and its potential?

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Everybody has different type of energy and aspect…it all depends which kind of astrology you studied; Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology or Chinese Astrology. I am sure either of those systems will give you an indication of your energy type and aspect


I did not study anything of this stuff yet, but I want it strongly! Please can you give me some examples of the types of energies and their role? And can the human being possess more than one type? Is this energy limited?

Personally I’ve always felt that people have affinities for certain elemental affinities in their energy. It takes a lot of experimentation, but through trial/effort you’ll figure it out. Does that mean you’re limited to that specific typing? No, I don’t believe so. Energy is rather flexible, and it is possible to adjust yourself with enough practice. Is energy unlimited in a human being? Hm. Difficult to say really, I’ve never had that issue of feeling ‘drained,’ but I know plenty of others that have.


Hey bro, I won’t cover the wide array of it but when it comes to elements and archetypes of energy belonging to an individual it leads to believe that you can only nit pick a few indications of what kind of energy it is.

In very vague terms, I’ve seen very fiery, active people — and to no avail there were hard and soft aspects to planets ruled by fire and so an affinity to a lot of fire in their charts — when I veer into an individual who is seething aqua energy — I look into it and see how water became a crucial standpoint on their entire living.

This is only one form of it. To think how wide it goes is a bit hard. We are chaotic, we aren’t really condensed into one — we’re all of it except have more likelihood for some others. Sorry if this doesn’t sound clear

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Yes everyone has an elemental alignment not just fire water earth and air however, the elements expand to other elements such as lunar, solar, cosmic, dark energy, light energy, among others, I find most human souls have ambient energy which is basically ‘earth’ energy. However, you find out by reading yourself, learning what your soul is and go from there, but that might be a bit advanced for you since you haven’t worked on a foundation.


Yes, very good. Your words you just said. I personally think that myself is watery, by observing what my soul desires, I found that I love water a lot I love swimming and drinking a lot of water! I also love water fruits and vegetables rich in water like Watermelon, red berries and broccoli and more…
I also eat dates a lot because I love him madly! All these beautiful things made me know a spiritual element, and my horoscope is cancer.

Thank you very much for your wonderful answers :heart:

Gorgeous! Thank you for participating in this dialogue…

Elements are principles represented by their earthly counterparts dude.Not to be taken litterally.

You do what


I eat that

Loving something and it actually being part of you isn’t exactly always in correlation to one another. Many people have something they don’t like or want that’s part of them. Going off what you love when it comes to this isn’t always the best idea.