Does E.A. still maintain the O.A.A.?

I never see him talking much about it anymore, but if I were to work through the path-working, could I expect him to be there to administer the Flames as outlined? Are there any Knights or just initiates out there that still “operate”?

I think there are spirits inherent within it, so the paths are still “open” and active, but I’m not certain exactly how that works as so far I’ve only had time to complete the first Flame - other stuff will seem to keep popping up which is more urgent.

It might be worth popping a question into the Q&A subforum as well, topics tend to get buried in General and I’m not sure how often E.A. reads the forum.

Also, if you’re going to stay with us, please don’t forget to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks! :slight_smile:

In a pod cast with Mate Bales, he said he closed the order because, among other things, it was turning into the very guru-worship thing he hated.

When the OAA material was released with The Collected Works, this question was asked and EA answered. It’s the third message down.

Sweet, I’d forgotten that - thanks!! :slight_smile: