Does Dukes Dantalion and Sallos work well together

As the title asks do they work well together? I asked Duke Dantalion to help me regain communication with someone special to me. A couple of days later I asked Duke Sallos to help me not lust for results. Well I was two days good and then bam right back to lusting (a very small bit) but im not sure if he felt that I needed to keep promises even though Duke Dantalion had not completed his.

So with that said I offer public praise to Duke Sallos for helping me and hope he continues to for the duration of the time until the cycle is completed.

Now with my someone. I wrote him a letter and told him I was blocking him (I poured out my feelings to him and told him my only reason for it was I couldnt handle further rejection from him). That only lasted two days as I felt like a screaming in my ear to undo it so I did. Now the reason for this is I think the believes he is still blocked and cant message me. Im also suspecting this is delaying results for Duke Dantalion as to why he has not wrote me yet (an obstacle he needs to get past) and I think he might be ticked at me for blocking without giving him his say which I feel terrible about.

So are they ok with working together even though they have different tasks one being him and the other being me?

Yes but you should solidify your intention with what you want , clearly with your emotions and thoughts , instead of blocking and unblocking and let your emotions swing like a pendulum and your intentions being unclear

Ehh… From my experience they dont like each other i feel its a power trip between them. They both can do the same things one just has more legions. If you double cross them they can and will make your life miserable. Trust me i have been on both sides of both of them Danta is more remorseful then Zollos, he tends to hold a Grudge. I have strong bonds with the both of them so even in a grudge they will help you if needed but they will fuck with you. But thats my experience everyone has there own. Sitri also works in similar ways with love, sex, and lust. Have a prosperous journey my friend. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

The blocking and unblocking was months (Back in early March) before I even heard of Dukes Dantilion and Sallos (I should have made that clear) and the screaming in my ear was the very same time. Im sorry I should have been a bit more clear. I only asked my request a little over a week ago ( I know I have not given it enough time) and it just seems like … tension in the air with them two. That’s the only way I can describe it.

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I did a pendulum reading and discovered that Duke Dantalion is one of my guardians so at the moment I hope he is just rolling his eyes a bit cause he “knows me”. I just want to be sure that I haven’t offended either of them by asking both of their help and that I had good intentions trying to sit put and let them work (so to speak)