Does confessing weakness to Lucifer makes him more likely to help me?

Is it a good Idea , and is it safe to confess weakness to angels and demons?

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Chances are they already know your weaknesses. You don’t really have to tell them. They might interpret that as trying to get pity; on the other hand, if you’re just being humble, they’ll realize that too. Whatever your intentions are, they will know.


Confessing weakness is important because when you open up about a part of your life then your connection with said entity is much more likely to grow. Share anything and everything that is important to you just like with a best friend even if you will.

Also admitting weaknesses to ourselves in front of someone can be liberating especially when we are holding onto shame and denying a part of ourselves and keeping it a secret.

For example maybe someone has a weakness that every time they are sad they buy themselves some alcohol and drink in secret. They feel ashamed and deny this truth and they daren’t tell a soul. You see here.
Then they open up to an entity and feel heard, regardless of whether they know about this alcohol secret at all. The entity may feel compelled also to help this person to free themselves from alcoholism if they wish and can help them find what’s going on and process things.

Simple. :slight_smile:
Hope that makes sense.


Yes, you can even work on that with an entity.
But remember you must show them (work for it) you want to change if that’s your goal. Step by step. With highs and lows

Short answer to the header question: NO. :wink:

I could go on and on about this topic, but I think this quote from @TheGreyhound sums everything up really well.

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Don’t exactly work with him but I personally think it’s best to never try and manipulate entities and always command them - I don’t like the idea of begging anything as it puts you in a state of lack… and you’re trying to acheive something which to me doesn’t go together for manifesting an outcome

Be grateful, respectful and confident and I suppose reiterating the above - they know your intentions so stay true and honest to them

Depends on if you are using it an excuse to be weak and a the reason why you prevent growth.

The fact you are asking this, is you are looking for a reason to no grow as a person and an excuse.

I think if you say something like, “I have this weakness and I need your help to overcome it.” and mean it, you should be fine. That’s what I would do.

Lucifer doesn’t seem to care much about peoples weaknesses. He is all about metal music and orgies.

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Hmm here is a better idea. Confess your weaknesses to yourself and try to find a way to overcome them. Then go to Lucifer and ask him to help you with that.

I would preface it with saying you’re just wanting to show respect by being honest