Does Chanting work?

So ive tried contact me now spells and they never work… If I VISUALISE a person say their name and birthday and something like “John doe you miss me so much and want to text me so do it.” And chant it for a long time and focus will that bring someone to me?

Chants do work. But sometimes its easier to have them a little shorter. And what matters even more is that you put enough intent behind the chant. If you keep chanting while your mind says “this won’t work” in doubt, it definitley won’t work.

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I’m the only person here who consistently advises chanting. Sometimes that fact gets me down and I feel so lonely. I guess I’m just too emotionally soft.



Try also to imagine being your “target” having that thought, that feeling, and send them to the person.

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Read more about chanting to strengthen your belief. Try starting with ‘Tap Into The Power Of The Chant’ by Baal Kadmon. It’s a short read and available on Kindle.

Well u have faith and will. But it is like 35/ now if u want conctat, try spells whit spirts, chk the love, sex forum. And practice,soon u will see results

Short answer is yes it can work.
BUT there’s a lot more to it than just chanting.