Does blurring out vision damage eyes?

Ok so lately i’ve been gettin in to evocation, and i tried to practice to get into the theta gamma sync by ofc blurring out you vision as EA says… but lately I’ve realized my eyes has been aching and there are a lot of red veins poppin up! Am i just spending too much time on the computer or is this from blurring out my vision

Probably just too much computer. Blurring vision is just changing your focus

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thanks bro, was worried

If you only have one like I do, that’s apparently a good indicator there is a problem but both is no issue. Mine is related to a weakness

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Do eye exercises anyway, can’t hurt, might help, especially with a lot of computer time. Plenty of info on methods online, you can find a desktop program to do reminders every hour or 3 hours or whatever.


Alright thanks

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