Does belial not like people he sees as weak?

so just got done summoning belial, he told me he would not work with me till i changed my mind set. which is that a gang is after me and trying to kill me. he said they have no more power than i give them and that i should leave this mindset behind. he may be going to test me on this. i want to know any one elses thoughts on this. should i call him again or wait or what? what r ur thoughts?


Definitely sounds like him from what I’ve heard. I think you should meditate on if you are giving them more credit than they need. There’s a difference between a lion being wary of a rival pride and being scared of his prey.


He had told to not summon him again untill I believed completely in something I’ve been told to. So to me sounds like him.
You shouldn’t summon him again untill you do what he said. Ask help of other entities if necessary, but do as he said, only call him again when you had your mindset changed on this matter.


Realise your strength. For working with him you need to be in a place of strength. “I can and I will because I have the power to do so.”

You know how EA wears the shirt, “no gods, no masters”? Like that. It’s daunting, it is. I’ve been there, I am there. And it’s difficult but you can do it :muscle:

He doesn’t hate weak people imo, he wants you to be strong.


so, the thing is its hard because these people r really after me. im scared for my life and before u ask , no, the police wont help . so im in a bad spot.

What have you done so far, did you take any of the advice from your other various threads suggesting different options? Michael? Baneful spirits? Have you decided to work with C. Kendall or are you still thinking about it.

Are these people working magick on you? They’ve been after you for a while now, have you done anything to try to slow them down or fight back? If you can muster up the energy to call on a spirit to make girls obsessed with you and have sex with 3 of them in one week, I’m sure you can muster up enough energy to shut these people down, break down defenses…etc. i’m not trying to be rude, that’s not my intention.

Do you see why Belial said no now?


Try and look at life like this…

No one lives forever everyone dies sometimes so there’s no point fearing death cuz it’s inevitable. Might as well live and face the enemy head on.

(My own experience has been of you face down the enemy/bully they retreat ail between their legs cuz they’re cowards).

I’m NOT saying confront them.

Just saying you can’t live in fear of what might happen especially if it’s something that will inevitably happen sometime (like death or rejection).

Don’t run don’t avoid don’t go looking at shadows and round corners fearing trouble just live life and if trouble comes face it head on.

I think that’s probably what Belial’s trying to tell you.

Edit add: If you live in fear you live in weakness.

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Maybe you could ask the aid of some entity, to protect you, to learn how to make protective spells. The right entity might help you, by make you protected or be able to move far from them. Magik can help with that. Try develop your senses and skill and call for some entity of your trust, start a work with them ask for the protection or ways to protect yourself.

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well, ya’ll r right.maybe i need to contact sabnock again and ismaelta. i just get scared because they can sometimes get real close. i thank all of u for ur advice, and i will update for those who want to know


I wish you good luck with this. Hope it all works out.

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Well, Belial has made clear he will work with me on behalf of others but not on my own. Because apparently he dislikes me. Is mutual, to be honest. But I do admit the guy can deliver in his area of expertise.

As for your question, I don’t consider myself weak, nor a coward. So if he has a problem with me, I can’t say I know why it is.


He is my spiritual father. Stand up to him. Demand he obey you. He will respect you after that. That’s what I did.

He is testing you.

do u reallly think thats what i should do?

XOLT said demand so just remember there’s a difference between demanding and threatening if you take his advice. As to whether it’s good advice or not, I don’t know :woman_shrugging:


Yes he despises weakness that’s kind of his thing, in the same way that a world class coach sees your potential and knows your biggest weakness.

He knows you can be better and will help you be better, but you must put in the work, you cant just wait around for it to happen to you.


Personally I hate people I perceive as weak in my vicinity, let alone begging me for a favour. Totally sounds like him though. It’s not personal, it’s just business. Instead of praying to him tonight try to meditate on what he meant. Perhaps what he means is that you deal with the gang in some way? Involve authorities or move somewhere far away? Perhaps that is the test. Regardless, I doubt he’d lead them to you or want you to fend for yourself. Try asking Lucifer directly to protect you whenever you fear threatened or worried. He will not let his child come to harm.


Be in a position of strength by stepping out of your comfort zone. Build your self up. Consistently meet goals you set for your self . Lift weights . Go full stupid into fitness for every reason you can think of. Fuck being scared of any man EVER ! Get that mind set brother. Your a killer! One thing that pumps me up is listen to Alex terrible . Own your space that your in. If your feeling weak for some reason beat your chest and stomp the ground with both feet growling creating a drop in testosterone into your blood stream. Get in a dangerous mind set repeating " I’m a sword brother from the north! I’ve come to feed the wolf and raven , my sword thirth for blood , I shall not make her wait !" Repeat that over and over and over . I promise these small mentality building tips will get you in touch with being a wolf instead of prey. Weakness you can smell on people. Our nature makes us not like men that are weak. A wolf will always respect another wolf my brother.


I didn’t mean to respond to you saying that titan. I agreed with your sentiment

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