Does being sick affect rituals we perform?

Some health problems keep occurring time to time to me. So I was wondering if it may affect rituals?


I believe so. Your physical body is connected to your energetic self. I use both body and soul to have my intent manifested on both planes.

Some rituals will tax your body also.


Sometimes I find that being sick leaves me in an energy deficit. Hmmmmm… So I guess if anything when performing ritual requiring a mass exchange of energy could lead to feeling, “used up”…

However rituals of empowerment are still “ritual”. Conducting meditation while listening to “overcoming” or “empowering” music is something I do when I’m sick. It helps my body and mind cast my spells without too much depletion. Sometimes when empowering myself for ritual ifeel better after casting too, as if empowering sorta warded a little of the sickness off…

I guess it really depends on the flow of energy :wink:


Thanks for suggestion

I think your correct with thinking. I guess it depends if your projecting/directing energy or receiving a energy. Both would have a effect.


The majority of the problem for me performing rituals when I am sick is that the symptoms can become distracting and break my focus. That’s the tricky one to get passed


Very true😭

I believe it depends on the sickness. For example if you have a low fever i suppose if you feel alraight you could get into trance and work on summonings and spells . On high fever dont think it would be beneficial since your burning… that also goes for chronic deseases agais it depends on the level.