Does Baal = zues? hera = ashera

Eric K
So there is this thing empires sometimes do called syncretism.
basically they claim our god is your god. so we can rule over you with no need for a holy war. Rome was prone to this kind of cultural appropriation.
The romans decided to use the system that alexander the great had already used. Alexander had identified zues with the Canaanite god BAAL.
the archeology of Baalbek in Lebanon and the temple IS recently destroyed at Syria’s Palmyra were roman temples to BAAL and zues.

This combination of greek and caananite gods also played a role in the Hanukkah story/ Maccabean revolt. while most historians pretend this was a revolt against Hellenic idol worship. the Maccabees themselves would of thought of themselves as fighting against BAAL
the combination of zues and baal is known as BAAL shahmin
or LORD of the heavens. (storm god/fertility power/ war)
S saul b

so was this combination a propaganda tool or is there a true magical connection between these gods.