Does anyone work with the Gothic Tarot?

Does anyone work with the Gothic Tarot? And if so what is your experience with it?

This gothic tarot?

Yes, I use it and have really good results.


Yeah, those from the boys from Nox Arcana right?

It’s this one



Yeah that’s the one :smiley:

I hardly hear somebody mentioning that desk, in fact, I never hear someone referring to that deck.
I have checked all the cards online and they look good. I like the gothic vibe of the deck.
I also heard that every deck, in general, got his special abilities. I mean some decks are straightforward while other decks give more of a macroscopic answer. How you classify this deck based on your experience with it?

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Did you try Crowley’s? Lots of people can not connect to it but it’s probably the best magically speaking


Its really one of my favorites and I get great results with it

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Yes i have the Thoth deck of Crowley and i have tarot rider waite deck

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Awesome :wink:

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i never used it thought, i believe i have it for 7 years or longer.

i have problems to understand and retain all the information of all the individual cards. a card can mean 20 things or have 22 different associations. and if the cards is place next to a other card, it could mean the the opposite or a totality different thing. it seems rather complex. i do need to say i am highly fascinated about tarot