Does anyone where to buy a copy of the Codex Gigas?

Greetings everyone!!
I was wondering if anyone can help me track down an english version of the Codex Gigas?

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By coincidence, yesterday I googled for Codex Gigas. One of the first results that came up was a site where you could view scans of the pages of the manuscript and download them. Not in modern English, so it’s probably not what you’re looking for.


The codex gigas was written with the help of Lucifer apparently. I was discussing pacts with the devil today and this came to mind, must have been some book :smiley:

I have seen its the biggest book ever created. Also known ad devils bible. I wish I could get my eyes on. I still didn’t give up. After seeing few images I can’t read anything. The text is blurry. Otherwise I could have used google translate.

Yes, I heard also that it created in one day. I don’t know Latin finding English translation is hard. I didn’t find it. Who will translated that big book, its common sense. But i wish I could translate few pages using translator online. But the text is not clearly visible.