Does anyone use body dowsing?

everything is in the title :slight_smile:

body swing/eye blink/finger-thumb?

Never heard of it. Could you explain it please?

Pa used to use a dowsing rod. Claims it worked. Now I dunno if it was the old wooden one or the metal ones in each hand. Haven’t heard of this other method.

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in fact “we” don’t really need devices for dowsing such as pendulum or rods. we have to connect to our higher self or to the collective consciousness or source/matrix to get the informations.

our body is already the receptor and responds to unconscious stimulis.
therefor you can dowse with your body etc

i started to do it and it is pretty accurate, you really have to empty your mind though
it’s nice when you are in a public place and you cannot take your pendulum out of your pocket and show everyone what you are dowsing for.


@ebdr absolutely. A dowsing rod or a pendulum is a great tool to start with, at some point you will become in tune. I have certain tastes or twitches at different senarios

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