Does anyone sense anything with this doll

I purchased this doll from eBay years ago. A haunted doll named Matilda the faceless wonder the doll supposed to be cursef

I sense that you probably got duped into paying more than the doll is worth that is neither cursed nor haunted along with the thousands of other dolls and “haunted” objects people pimp on ebay as a selling gimmick. PT Barnum quote applies here.


I only sense something with the goard on her belt but it could just be the symbol. Nothing haunted or creepy.


I agree I felt nothing on the doll yet my energy shot up as I look at the gord

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Many thanks just wondered, i don’t want to take any chances.


I waved my hand over the image, and could feel a heat from the gourd. I’m very energy-sensitive with my hands, and when I feel something of a more malevolent nature, the feeling usually manifests as a heat radiating off of whatever I’m sensing.

Well done thank you.:+1: