Does anyone recognize this sigil?

Two questions first, while meditating…doing a third eye exercise to strengthen it I heard about from a youtube video. I got a impression of a sigil in my mind. I drew it quickly upon ending the meditative state. just quickly, the stars circies go all the way around the outer portion I just drew a few.

The other question is does anyone know if when evoking a spirit/demon/etc if when you reach the point to invoke them if you’ll take on any of their characteristics or abilities such as charm/confidence/knowledge without studying/etc.

With evoking? Likely not. With invocation, you may, but those aren’t likely to stick around, as you haven’t worked for it to that level.

Concerning the sigil, don’t be surprised if nobody has seen that particular one before. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Much appreciated, the sigil I could not make out completely what it was as it was a impression that lasted maybe 10-15 seconds

I appreciate your help

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You’re welcome.

Some people invoke specifically because of the changes that having that Deity/Demon/Angel creates in the body, making them more like them. There isn’t any reason why they wouldn’t help develop those traits within you, if they feel inclined to work with you. If not, there will be another that likely would.

I haven’t tried invoking yet, trying now to build relationships by evoking first before getting to that step. During a meditation as I said saw a impression of that sigil. have no clue who it belongs too or if it does.

Had good success and built a relationship with a couple. May ask them about invoking soon.
if you have advice about particular ones I’m open to suggestions

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