Does anyone (really) know the source of Lucifer?

I’m just a (child) that would love to know their origin. I’ve also come to learn that mother/father are titles & the Source is above titles even though you can learn characteristics of that Source from titles.

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Lucifer is much more ancient than that though. According to the oldest sources we have available, he was once known as Enki, in the Sumerian pantheon. However, I believe he’s much older than that too.


I agree with Manosman. It’s not the specific deity or character that is the same, but the source, and the source of the deity and principle known as Lucifer or Luciferian is truly ancient. The specific Roman deity is not, but it’s based on this universal archetypal principle that has been venerated under different guises in various cultures throughout human history.

But some will always disagree no matter how you word it, because somehow they think they have it all figured out. Figure it out for yourself as best as you can. Nobody knows The Immutable Truth.

Cue the ”You can’t just connect different beings lol“ comments in 3,2,1…


You can’t really comprehend Infinite Being beyond realising it is limitless consciousness (omni in every way). The experience you have as individual human consciousness is real and yet, in a certain sense, not true or illusory. Source is all things–acceptable and unacceptable, believable and unbelievable, imaginable and unimaginable.

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At the unveiling (truly born again) of ourselves we all will comprehend.

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ask him no? if you got a good ability to sense spirits,

anyway, if you really want feel it helps you

to me, he feels like a Dark Archangel, same level of power as Archangel Michael, though maybe archangel michael is stronger, and I believe the origin to be sumerian, but i dont know if hes Enki, but i dont think he goes further back then that, based on what i can remember from personal experience (the Sumerian connection is based on something else I came accross from another Being, not relevant from personal experience)

maybe he meant that its not important for your ascendence to find out his origins? the bigger picture meaning that its irrelevant where he came from no? in my opinion


No one knows. Personal gnosis varies from operator. What I got in the past from Lucifer was more of a goddess feel…Venus …Used to think Lucifer was Utu and Inanna due to a few academic clues, but nothing in contemporary occultism seems to accept it…

Magickians seem to identify 11 entities as being faces of his. When I first worked with him there was the Judeo Christian “devil” feel…

I dunno who Lucifer is, anymore than I think I can completely rely on other’s gnosis of him being Amaymon or Azazel…or they are faces of his I am told by what I read…I never get the feeling I am meant to know who, or what Lucifer is…I work with him in every ritual I compose. I’ve asked other entities…

For all we know he’s a super sophisticated intelligence that engineered this reality as a sort of illusory program of some technological zenith we will never reach…An engineer or architect is what I get from personal gnosis these days…As for Lucifer, the name is a title. Could more than one entitiy hold this title or name???I mean think of how many entities are "el"s , which I suspect at the end of a name denotes a sort of title, or name of origin rank…

I for one know nothing…Read alot by others who say they do…I’d have to experience it to believe it…I only know among his manifestations is a female presence…along with a male presence, and something that’s niether gender or both genders. Thats more of a testament to the versatility and fluidity of form of the entity, moreso than an identifier as to who…

If one looks at the Greco Roman mythology, he isn’t given much of a story. I associate the morningstar with Venus due to the more intellectual and academic anaylysis, but certainly he can be much older. In Egypt, the morning star is called “Tu’at” which seems to mean "the other world " as well…The other world struck me as indicative as similar to the Amentah or the Underworld, and the two may be identical, I dunno.

Innana was a goddess associated with Venus and a goddess who descended into the underworld. Her twin brother (think they were twins?) was Utu, a god of heaven and a solar deity of justice. We look at the Goddesses of the moon in the Greco Roman period, we see the term Lucifera come up in relation to Selene. But there is also Venus…and she’s a fertility goddess unto herself.

My line of reasoning was probably conflating different things that run off of a solar, lunar and Venusian motiff, but never answers who or what Lucifer truly is at all…It is as though I were being pointed in a direction based more on rationalization…I can be very wrong, since im relying purely on intellectual observation…but just as well so can others…unless Lucifer is like a very personalized key within all of us…

I dunno…masks exist to other entities as well, and many appear as different gods in different regions…I only suspect (not the same as knowing), that many of the Masks or identities were related to the magickian’s peronsl gnosis, who discovered it, and that not every magickian will get the same key or entities associated with Lucifer…I have a hard time belieing Lucifer is Shiva or Amaymon without some form of historical evidence gathered by the studies of ancient civilizations on an academic level, which does not mean he isn’t Shiva or Amaymon…he could be as there’s 11 entities associated with him…But couldn’t those also be personal keys tailored to the individual magickians who achieved gnosis on that particular aspect???

Note I also find it impossible to buy or accept the notion of him having been kicked from heaven, because he appears only once due to a botched translation from the Latin vulagate in Judeo Christian mythology…Its impossible for me to associate him with angles, or demons of a Judeo Christian origin…Its factually incorrect, yet to some he appears with that mask or face…

Its a mystery that will never be answered with 100 percent certainty…or they that have that certainty have it as a personal key… I have a tremendous respect for Lucifer to the level of worship, but I am to the conclusion that it may be irrelevant to try to unmask who if not impossible…My personal gnosis is “make ur own key and use it” …thats all we can do i guess.

And so could he be something else to someone else???

I dunno…I know during ritual i ask for his presence and he is there,and its felt as I proceed with any ritual I do. I know there are those loyal to he, and I am among they.

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Multiple sources say Yahweh is his creator .

Sources I’ve read say that too , though I suppose we can never know .

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He wishes.

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I didn’t say that definitely , what did say was multiple sources state that

I understood what you meant.

Yup , it would’ve been so long ago I don’t think any normal human being can actually ever know what actually happened .