Does anyone know which demon was?

Well I’ve talked about this subject somewhere around here that I can not remember which,
I was in my bedroom when I was very young, pre teenage, so I opened my eyes at dawn and it was warm, it was winter that day, and I was sweating a lot, when I looked at the edge of my bed a being with a light vest a reddish face and he was coasting to me, so he looked at my television in the room where I could see the reflection of his face, and then he smiled and his eyes turned yellow, and I was TOTALLY AGREED! No chance to be a dream thing, so after that I slept, then I woke up a few minutes later and stayed the dawn searching but found nothing. After a few days I was sleeping and opened my eyes, that same being walks around my room and suddenly, he hugs me while I was in my bed, I was with my eyes open, and I could not move (A half-intimate hug he leaned the face on me) And I felt a bumpy face, I was afraid of his appearance, but after he hugged me, this changed and I was happy, who was he? and how can I do to find him, I would ask for Orobas instruct me but… (My ritual went wrong)

I don’t know the details but that entity was related to you.

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hmmm Tell me more

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It feels like shadow but that’s not the whole story. I’m not allowed to see the rest. There’s resistance. If i push hard enough I can get more answers but i believe you’re meant to meditate. Find the answers yourself, tap into your inner knowing.

You look good in this, I tried to meditate but my incessant thoughts end up taking over and taking my focus, and I can not control myself.

It could be a related spirit, but also some shadow trickster that want to only suck your energy, how do you feel normal in days, and the most important how do you feel with yourself to him?
If it was related spirit, you probably made contact with him in a previous life that’s what I feel.
You can simply meditate on him or ask the spirit(Angel, a demon really anything) that you have already a relationship with.

If it is related to my emotions, I feel destructive emotions, an absurd anger, and at the same time a passion difficult to unfold, but it comes when I am calmer and normal, although sad, it is comforting to be close to him, I have no power enough to contact he

Beleth. Demon King of Passion. Can be destructive and have an angry or mad streak. Also a lovey nature.

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Hmmm, I did not know, but do you have any idea what he wanted with me? Does he usually look for people for what purpose?

(Shrugs) not a clue. Been avoiding this demon actually, but I know well enough what she’s about. Just google her, stare at her Sigil/Seal in meditation and call her using whatever method you are into and ask her.

I read that this daemon, is a demon who can not be called to come But it’s need to force it, that says on many websites, including one from Luciferian Goeth, but thank you, and it has some complications in its ritual like a silver ring and a part that needs a wand and a pointing it to the cardinal points.