Does anyone know where I can find the sigil for Nanna the Moon god?

I need to find the sigil of Nanna the moon god belonging to the sumerian, mesopotamian pantheon, he or something pretending to be him keeps trying to contact me and I need to be sure its really him and not something else. If anyone has a picture of his sigil or knows a book I can find it in, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!

I’ve found these connecting to Him:

But in my opinion, you don’t really need any Sigil to evoke any kind of Spirit (even Nanna). It is enough if you try to call Him, focusing. Or you can use pictures, which connected to Him (for example, statues, paintings etc.) and you can meditate ‘on’ them, which is also a very effective way to connect a Deity or Spirit.


Thank you so very much, your awesome! I kept trying but couldnt find his sigil. Thank you!

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My only advice is make sure you don’t get a thoughtform version, mimic, or another entity trying to get energy from your attention. Even a once used sigil can have thoughtforms attached to it. However, a simple scan can weed through those or how communication starts out.

Thank you for the advice, I’ll be looking up how to scan him. I dont know how to scan entities yet, but I’ll learn

This might help scanning an entity is usually the same as scanning a physical person via in person or online so this should work.

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Thank you so very much!