Does anyone know where Belial originated from?

Does anyone know?
I’m curious to know various opinions on it.

His goetia description states he was created by Yahweh , I believe before The Archangel Michael

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Most of the Goetia are seen as just fallen Angels that joined Lucifer after his “fall from grace”. Phenex and Marchosias as an example fell and sought to rejoin the Angels after a certain period of time so it says in the Lemegeton

I doubt , that’s what the book says , but it might not be true .

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Well, Crowley’s version of the Lesser Key Of Solomon I mean. I read a lot of the summaries of the Goetia, some are described as the ancient gods they are while others are described as being fallen angels

Yup. I don’t know , it’s said Prince Amon is actually Ba’al Hamon or Amun from the Egyptian pantheon , I don’t know how true this is , then some others say Horus is equivalent to Lucifer , I don’t know what’s the truth , I’m not a spirit


Based solely on this post, or the last sentence at least you’re going far. Knowing you know nothing is huge to learning anything.

uhoh, you might open up a can of worms that you wish stayed sealed lol…

“He fell first amongst the superior
angels who went before Michael and other heavenly angels. “

Thanks dude , I wish others on this forum would take the same attitude , they speak of spiritual affairs sometimes like they aren’t human beings , but people get high off of knowledge

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As far as historical record goes, his first mentioning of him being a spirit comes from the Book of Jubilees (which is an non canon text that rabbis still reference time to time). That being said, there are references of individuals being “sons and daughters of Belial” within the Old Testament if you look at the Hebrew directly. He likely emerged as far as documents go from another deity. My theory is that Mot was the inspiration as some variations of the name Belial translates into “The Swallower”. Mot is known for swallowing the souls of the deceased. If you are interested in how Belial has progressed in the minds of others, I recommend Baal Kadmon’s “Belial: A History”.

As far as outside of the academic circles and where the spirit we call Belial originated, I honestly do not know. I have never asked him


I’m in the process of making an entire tarot deck dedicated to Belial, and interestingly enough in the page of wands he appeared as the wolf from little Red Ridding hood. Also I have seen him as an anthropomorphic cat several times, reminiscent of the whole “Puss in Boots” fairy tale.

Anyway, as I work with him, I get the feeling of something that exists within every culture and within every man, woman and child.