Does anyone know what spell this is? (LONG READ)

I found it here:

I find this very interesting that although she knew she had a spell put on her that she is still under (at the time of the writing of the post) and that she was helpless to fight it.

### I, Smoke, the victim of a Love me or Die -type Curse

Dear Hoodoo Blog,

Three months or so ago (and possibly on-going as I type this), I was/am the victim of a “Love Me or Die” -type curse. Apparently one of my admirers from my magical circle did that to me. I am still more or less quite shaken up by it, and am still recovering from it. There was a point of time when I was so ill that I was nearly hospitalised .

I was somewhat magically useless as well, because my obsessed admirer had cleverly bound my magic, either with a separate binding spell or it is one of the properties of the original Love-Me-or-Die type curse. Logically to prevent me from doing magic to remove the curse.

How embarrassing. (I am very grateful that I am part of a coven, and I handed over clients of whose magical needs were too demanding for during the time being for me to perform.)

The reason why this has happened to me is because I foolishly wander around with no protection whatsoever, trusting in the fact that simply because I never ever offend people and never hurt others; that no-one would do such a thing to me. How naive and DEAD WRONG I was… Moral of this story fellow hoodoo doers and magi, as one of my teachers always warned me before; “ALWAYS PROTECTION”.

I have just one suspect on my list. A Buddhist devotee. Unusual of course for a Buddhist to do such a thing, they usually are very peaceful and gentle people in life and with their magic.

The thing that was done to me was high magick, it was Tibetan Buddhist, an incantation, a mantra… Invocation. It seemed to be like that of an engregori, that it could “wander” about, and could think for itself and make its own decisions on how best to make my suspect’s petition come true.

The relations I have with my suspect are complicated to say the least, and I am tired and drawn out doing my best to calm said Buddhist suspect. From henceforth, I shall refer to this person as “the Buddhist.” It’s a very long story, but I shan’t bore you all with all the minor mushy and sentimental details. The thing you need to know was, no, we were not in a romantic relationship of any kind at all, nor did we ever have any romantic contact other than flirting and The Buddhist’s possessive behaviour.

Since I am a magician myself I can more or less tell if I were under a spell, or if the feelings were my own. (Other magicians who have had magic done on them without their consent would know entirely what I am speaking of.)

The Buddhist hinted to me, “Just you wait, just you wait and see what I am going to do to you. I’m going to do Tibetan incantation. You’ll see, in your dream state.”

The effects of the Tibetan high magick spell went along something like this:

WEEK ONE: I found my feelings increasing for The Buddhist. I found myself again, as though I was just within the beginning stages of love, with increased sexual attraction, missing and longing for my object of affection of whom was already the Buddhist. I would think of the Buddhist tenderly. I thought nothing of this, I knew it was a love spell and it seemed so romantic and harmless, and I felt flattered really, someone bothering to do a love spell on yours truly!

I knew it was The Buddhist doing this to me because all around me, signs kept occurring despite the fact that it was not myself who was the caster. Buddhism, it was everywhere. I may as well ha been in the windy mountains of some Tibetan village or town. I would see Buddhist symbols jump out at me on the streets, a man carrying a bag with a Buddhist motif embroidered on its cover in colourful thread, someone playing the “Da Bei Zhou” hymn on the train, a person walking to me on the streets trying to sell me Tibetan Dzi beads… it was very obvious and unnatural a coincidence. Long lost friends and acquaintances who were ALL devout Buddhists randomly contacted me, quite suddenly after many years of no contact. Even a friend of whom I decided to cut contacts with for being an over zealous Christian, approached me all of a sudden, and he announced he had, converted to Buddhism! I was shocked that the impossible had happened.

WEEK TWO: Wrongly thinking that The Buddhist’s love spell was harmless, I did nothing to stop it. At this point of time I was still communicating with The Buddhist, sometimes meeting for coffee, talking for hours on the 'phone about life and spirituality, or through text messaging.

Around this time another phenomenon happened that proved it was most certainly a love spell. ALL my admirers started to avoid me. People of whom I knew who were sexually attracted to me and or, had romantic feelings for me all very suddenly started outright avoiding me, a change of attitude, or for those with even deeper feelings for me, (since magic cannot destroy true love, nor fake true love) just were nowhere to be found and oddly couldn’t be contacted.

Also people of whom did not have romantic feelings for me, but of whom The Buddhist wrongly mistook as competition began to avoid me as well. This “getting rid of love rivals” happened in a space of just 2 days. Very fast, and very obvious.

My coven sibling apparently started becoming crazy, claiming that The Buddhist has done cursing. I thought nothing of it since my sibling had bi-polar disorder and thought perhaps it was just another insignificant episode.

My Buddhist friends became closer to me and just kept on trying to invite me to go for Buddhist-related events, as my other friends (those of which who belonged in circles of whom The Buddhist had repeatedly disapproved of) started drifting away from me.

Towards the end of the week, I started losing my appetite to eat, I began eating only half of what I usually did. Food tasted bland, and I oddly became more full easily. My body became very weak and lethargic and I started sleeping more and more yet the sleep was not restful, although I had no illness such as cough nor the common cold. It seemed to be a combination of less food and because of the Buddhist’s love spell.

Despite the weakness of my body, I became very lusty and raunchy. I kept fantasising of having sex with The Buddhist, especially in the nights. The irony was that it was very hard to get aroused and relief was very hard even with masturbation. I was suffering.

It was sometime around now, in which I realised it was a love curse.

WEEK THREE: Assuming because I was eating so little, my mood had begun to be affected. Or it could be the love curse. The symptoms felt very much like that of the Intranquil Spirit spell; restlessness, unable to sleep. Unable to eat well. But it had more than the Intranquil Spirit spell. My cleansing magic and cleansing baths seemed to have no effect.

I was so hungry for sex. Sex with The Buddhist was not possible. As I had stated our relations were “complicated” and it was not because I had never confessed before, I had, but had been rejected. (The Buddhist has “issues” as modern pop culture would coin it (possibly afflicted with Borderline Personality Disorder), loving me but not trusting me, running away and then coming back etc.)I found myself browsing dating sites and being tempted to meet strangers for casual sex, but I could not bring myself to do it.

More than a decade before I was a kind of nymphomaniac, but have since recovered due to personal determination and moral self-restraint. My base nature was re-surfacing it seemed…

It was psychological torture for me, I wanted to have sex, but could not, now by week three The Buddhist’s love curse started making me fight with people. My temperament had become different normally calm and self-possesed, I had become anxious, confused. I was angry and felt like I wanted to beat people up. My body was tired and aching, as though I had gone through a triathlon. It was completely impossible for me to do any work whatsoever. I realised that when I terrorised a client who tired my patience regarding a tarot reading. (She waited until the day after to ask me more questions and outright complain about the reading, claiming her husband felt it was too general after she went home to talk to him about it, it was hypocritical because the day before; during and after the reading she was smiling and happy and said I “made her day” insisting everything was fine when I kept asking her was there anything else she needed.)

When I went out, the Buddhist imagery continued to show around me. The slightest thing would make me snap at people. From being usually gentle and patient, my temperament had changed I felt like some beast. For no rhyme or reason, The Buddhist suspiciously began avoiding me completely, not replying my messages nor answering my calls. (Perhaps like an IS-type spell in which the magic works better when there is no contact whatsoever?)

The Buddhist’s love curse apparently had strong controlling elements in it as well. I felt very compelled to convert to Buddhism, but I was very angry because I did not like it. I respect Buddhism and am very familiar with its teachings, but its culture and et cetera does not appeal to me, like how some cuisine doesn’t appeal to some people.

Week three was the most dramatic for me, in that I felt like a completely different person, my old personality seemed to be right at the back of my mind, I was so stressed from lack of sleep and confused, I just somehow, literally magically changed my mind about alot of things and wanted to change myself into the person The Buddhist had been trying to change me into, before resorting to magic. I felt alot of despair and emotional pain and suffering that did not make sense, I was obsessively thinking, “I need to change myself into what The Buddhist likes, or I will commit suicide.”

I also noticed that my sense of time had become seriously warped. Time seemed to pass very slowly because it was torture, yet in other moments time seemed to pass faster than normal. The light of day and the dark of night, did not seem to have a distinct difference to me, It could be because I was so stressed and half-crazy, I couldn’t tell.

I started messaging The Buddhist things like, “I am suffering. Please take your spell off. I love you, I want only you, I don’t want anyone else. Please take it off.” The Buddhist denied doing anything but said I would be cured. I did not understand the sly implement.

For some days I lied to my family that I had caught a dreadfully serious bout of flu that had me bed-ridden. I did not want to see anybody, I just wanted to hide in my room and think about The Buddhist.

WEEK FOUR: I had lost control. Now the Love Curse denied me from sleeping completely, and did not even allow me to eat. If I ate, I would vomit it out. I began tearing and was seriously considering suicide. Blood sugar levels were very low. Walking was difficult I could not wander very far from the house, I would sweat profusely and all I could do was drink water– and think of The Buddhist. Although I was so tired and wanted to sleep, I could not sleep well, I felt as though the whole time I had just lain there with my eyes closed, but the watch showed that some hours had passed.

By this time I was thinking of suicide constantly, and I had begun to think. I would do anything for The Buddhist even though I knew that was not what I wanted, I would do so because I wanted my suffering to end. A side of me felt my feelings of love to this mad degree were not real, but I did not care by this time because I was so obsessed and desperate, I was thinking non-stop of The Buddhist and wanted no-one else. I felt as though it was very hard to think straight, and I would lose my train of thoughts easily. There was a “fog” clouding my judgement and concentration.

End of Second Month: By then. I had quarrelled with my coven sibling, of whom The Buddhist was falsely suspicious of I having a sexual affair with. I did more than just quarrel with my sibling, I had blocked my sibling on FaceBook, e-mail, handphone number, What’s App, Skype and everywhere else possible. (Bear in mind our relations were already severely strained from the beginning, a clash of morals and for my case, I felt a simmering resentment of being taken advantage of and being free-loaded off.) Before already, the Buddhist’s spell made me feel “I need to get rid of my coven sibling or I will commit suicide. I must get rid of my coven sibling.”

Before leading to the “breakup” I found myself getting less and less tolerant. My coven sibling’s flaws stood out to me much more prominently, and I was reminded of the many times I ever tried to end our friendship in the past but chose to be patient/stupid and went on the path of forgiveness instead.

My coven sibling apparently was also affected by The Buddhist’s spell, we quarrelled and fought significantly more often and my sibling spoke to me in an arrogant, mean and abusive manner which was very annoying to me. It brought out my resentment and I decided, to end our relations once and for all, and I felt, I honestly did not want a future in which my coven sibling was in my life.

Also, my coven sibling apparently got cursed somehow; a serious infestation of blood-sucking fleas at home. It was very random and stressful. Could not sleep due to getting bitten, all belongings had to be packed and shrink-wrapped, et cetera. It continued for weeks.

The last straw which made me dispose of my once-close coven sibling was when said sibling threatened to curse the Buddhist’s mother. I felt that the poor woman would be a victim and it was unfair.

During this time I was still sporadically falling ill with food poisoning and running fevers.

End of Third Month: I managed with the help of the rest of my coven, to get rid of the cursing parts of the spell off. A reading was done, he had done this to me with the aid of my “Bazi” or “eight characters.”

It is said amongst Easterners never to give another one’s Bazi. Meaning; year, month, day, hour and exact minute of birth, along with one’s full name. “Many things can be done with a person’s Bazi”. Including finding out a person’s supposed destiny, temperament, path in life, and of course, performing magic on said person. In ancient China the Chinese had their own version of voodoo dolls, in which they used a person’s full name and Bazi instead of in hoodoo, using a person’s personal concerns.

CONCLUSION: It has been 3 months since my would-be lover has contacted me. I await patiently for this contact. The Tibetan incantation was to-
• Make me love the caster more in a fall sick, love-me-or-die desperate begging sort of manner (Love was already there in the first place) SUCCESS
• Make me understand and forgive the caster’s peculiarities SUCCESS
• Make me faithful/get rid of all admirers and rivals imagined or genuine SUCCESS
• Make me convert into Buddhism FAILURE
• Get rid of my hated coven sibling SUCCESS
• Make me lose weight and look fitter and more muscular (I started going to the gym/health spa more) SUCCESS
• Make me feel closer to The Buddhist (Hard to judge succession because I am an empath, but I would say yes, I felt The Buddhist’s emotions, hopes and fears despite lack of contact.) SUCCESS
• Make me unable to see the Buddhist as the culprit of the spell, akin to hiding oneself in hoodoo using bayleaves. SUCCESS and FAILURE (Although I knew it was the Buddhist, ordinary tarot readers had trouble “seeing” that it was indeed my love interest’s handiwork, 7-day Uncrossing vigils burnt in my name were burning clean as a whistle although I could feel the love curse being lifted, however powerful clairvoyants and psychics were competent enough to see through it.)

Despite it being Eastern High Magick, it still could not completely take away my free will, hence my refusal to convert to Buddhism. It just made me do things of which I already wanted to do and genuinely was for the better. But how it got rid of all romantic and imagined rivals was truly impressive. I respect The Buddhist more, love the Buddhist more, am of course still blinded by love for The Buddhist… and wait for that call. That confession and for The Buddhist to fall into my arms. I wish the Buddhist is reading this very post.

(Assuming The Buddhist can get over Borderline Personality Disorder and confess, and just so I can find out what spell was cast on me and then I can share it with you fellow hoodoo people on here.)

After bearing the brunt of this, I take it as a lesson and to think carefully before I perform forceful love spells of the Love Me or Die variety for my subjects/clients.

And there you have it hoodoo folks! I thought to share this with you all because so many of us wonder what is it like to be on the receiving end of a love spell. (Like Love Me or Die.)

I am fine now because I have gotten most of the love curse off, yet it seems to linger here and there… Psychics tell me, it was a one-time off spell, not an on-going. What power! Lol. (Made me lose at least 5 kilograms or 11 pounds, this stressful magical mishap.)

Signing off,


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If this is copied from somewhere, then yes, please post the source and give credit where credit is due. As long as it is not a link to a copyrighted work, or a site for selling something, it shouldn’t violate any rules.

Curious to know how she broke out of it, and why she didn’t ask for help from her coven

That’s my point. At some point she does get some assistance from her coven, but as you can see at the end of that entry she’s still waiting for the person that she knows put the spell on her to return to her. She knew from the beginning that he was putting a spell on her and it was such that she did not protect herself or immediately go for help.

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Very impressive. This Buddist could be really skillful. The victim even knowed that she was under a spell and could not resist it, lol.

Well, I doubt that someone will find this spell because, well, Buddhist “spells” (they’re more like mantras or sometimes sympathetic ones) aren’t meant to be harmful at all… Forcing something through someone isn’t Buddhism at all! You have mantras for “lost love”, but it’s more like a “repairment” of your relationship, not a forced thing. It’s more like “white magic” claims to be.

So, maybe this guy is a Buddhist but certainly, this spell isn’t.

She chose to call him The Buddhist. I don’t think he was really one since true ones don’t do spells like this. I am just wondering what kind of spell or working could do this.


Yes I am kinda interested too. There are candle-papers spells called like this but I doubt they could do such thing.