Does anyone know the Holy Mary and Christ case?

Hello Balg members!
I know this forum consists mostly of LHPers but I suppose someone here have heard about the story of how Jesus mother was pregnant by the Angel Gabriel, who gave her a lily (flower) ?!!
So I was discussing with a friend today and I was explaining him the truth about the demons which is far from what the church in my country says.
I ve read a lot in this forum about them, luckily so I could answer all of his questions about them.
But I was never into religion so when he asked me what really happened with the birth of Jesus Christ i was like ehmm well i know what you know from the Christian tradition.
Has anyone heard / read anything about this fact?

I don’t know facts but I have assumption of my own! For someone living in isolation without much luxury, they will reach a point of spiritual contact with something! :woman_shrugging: it is possible to have physical spirit offspring?


Ι dont think its possible to have a child with a spirit and become a human being… dont you think?
I have heard about astral children but you can’t see or touch them. So Jesus was a human with super psychic abilities and wisdom.
I was wondering if anyone from the RHP section would know more thats why I posted there :blush:

@Lady_Eva @anon48079295 Im sorry If I’m bothering you, but I have noticed you have an opinion about most of the things due to your loooong experience, which (opinion) is priceless to me.
Maybe you have an assumption about the pregnancy of holy Mary and her relationship with angel Gabriel…?
In all the research I did in the network, I didn’t find anything more than the Christian tradition that we all know…
Maybe you have heard or read anything different from a member here… ?

It is possible to pregnant woman without physical sex.

I incarnate always like that.

I have evoked and talked to virgin mary, she is existing conciousness, pretty white spirit, i mean pure… you know…

christ is going to war… not much to add to this

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Okay I recall then
@MiKu you had a point :ok_hand:
But someone must have sent Angel Gabriel to her, (the christian God Yahweh I guess) to give birth to this child with those hyper- abilities. For his own purposes its not in this topic.
BUT ,what did you mean here??

With who? And why…?

Its not sane to start elaborating this question trough internet :slight_smile:

Some have speculated with different and better translations Gabriel basically inseminated Mary with Jesus. Which would technically make her a virgin.

The other miracle baby who was conceived then was Elizabeth, Mary’s “cousin” but probably aunt who was 60 at time and he later became John the Baptist.

Either one of them could have been the choosen one, both died horrible deaths but it wasn’t John’s turn.


I’d take those comments with a large I mean large chunk of salt.

However, there’s different speculations on Gabriel’s role in Jesus birth, there was one I read some years ago that Jesus was actually Gabriel’s child, another that Gabriel did not impregnate her but simply was the messenger to notify her that she is pregnant and nothing more.

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Thank you! You made a @Brand_New turn in this thread :smile:
The difference was that all the miracles and the wise words were onto Jesus according to the Bible, and John had only the privilege of baptising him in the Jordan river. He was revered as the forerunner of Jesus Christ. After a period of desert solitude, John the Baptist emerged as a prophet in the region of the lower Jordan River valley. He had a circle of disciples and Jesus was among the recipients of his rite of baptism.

Thank you for your input! Both assumptions seem reasonable, but this one

Doesn’t seem logical to me, if we consider how many things Jesus said about God and the messages he transferred to the world from Him etc etc… and the Angels we know that serve heigher purposes, so i think Gabriel unlikely took the initiative on his own, to have a child with a woman a sunny day of March :laughing:
But it’s something that happened 2020 years ago,so noone can really know :relieved:

I don’t believe jesus was Gabriel’s son, however, there is still a belief that he was and that Gabriel created the first Nephilim (Jesus) under God’s command.

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Neither do I…
Btw Jesus topic is all around today lol
I just saw there is another one topic too

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Jesus wouldn’t have been the first Nephilim, if that was the case since, you know, Noah and the flood, and all that happened way before his birth.


Exactly, that’s why I don’t follow that belief it has no real sense to it


I’ve actually never heard the myth about Gabriel being Jesus’ daddy. The whole immaculate conception myth is that Jesus had no daddy, that God Himself just decided one day to give Mary a kid without the whole sex thing.

Bippity bobbity boo, you are now with child.


Voilaaa no pain, but you had a gain :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I heard about the belief when I was a teenager, I am not sure where they got the idea I assume it’s because Gabriel showed up and they made a very baseless belief around just that

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No orgasms either, apparently.

Oops ,one (significant) detail :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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