Does anyone know the day of the asmodeus week?

So … I read in some grimoires that the ruling planet of asmodeus is ‘’ neptune ‘’ but there is not a day of the week that receives the energy of this planet, I wanted to know what his day is, does anyone know?

I believe your planet may be the sun, or mars, whoever is sure will answer me. Gratitude!


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jupiter? wow, I was almost sure it was Mars. Thank you !

Neptune rules Pisces along with Jupiter.

It could possibly be Friday since Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and Venus is exalted in Pisces.

You might need to look deeper into that.

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He made specific requests for Tuesday’s with me. Which is tied to Mars energy and would employ those aspects for him. His traditional planets I thought were the Sun and Mars, though he is very complex. He seems content to work with your schedule, though why you call him could be boosted by the day of the week.

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