Does anyone know of spirit called Stavix?

Hello peeps.

There was this spirit called Stavix that was somewhat popular in some private circles back in the first half of the 2010s. I was wondering if any of you are still around and whether you know of this spirit or not.

If you are familiar with Stavix, could you please tell us a little bit about it?


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Hey, Stavix sounds like a cool dude, he was a great ally to at least 1 guy I really respected.

Evoking him is useful if you’re planning for some healing work.

I personally have used him when a friend of mine was in the hospital.

Stavix has a tendency to heal by altering someones natural abilities, and cause changes through astrological shennanigans. So for example she’ll change up your stars to avoid problems that could hurt you and lessen their impact, cauae you to gain a sudden resistance to whatever illness you have or want to avoid, etc etc.


Do you have his sigil ??

Did you just make this up?
Because it doesn’t really sound like Stavix at all, lol.

Well you’re more than welcome to go check it out yourself if you’d like, I still remember her from back then.

I would listen to him.

I was under impression he/she was more of a destructive and vampiristic spirit. Have you see such dark side of Stavix?