Does anyone know if Naamah's number is 445?

When I wanted to work with Naamah I kept seeing 445. Does anybody know if that’s her number?

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Different kabalas will give different numerical results, which to me says something about the arbitrary nature of the whole thing. If you aren’t working with the kabalah, the number doesn’t matter. If you are then you have have to make the calculation according to the system you have chosen. Other than that, spirits don’t have numbers. Kabalists assign them numbers. The distinction is important


If you feel that it is a sign from Naamah, then it most likely is, also 445 becomes 13, which then ends as 4, both numbers are connected heavily to Lilith as well as the other Angels of Sacred Prositution/Brides of Samael. Personally, I feel as though Naamah is reaching out to you and you should definitely answer :).


K. Thank you! It feels like ever since I watched a video about her it seems like I just kept seeing that number ever since.

Oh it doesn’t matter if I use the universal circle to evoke her right??? I heard she REALLY gets pissed with Circles,I would assume not because it is the universal circle…right? Or is that EVERY circle she hated?

Dude, the universal circle is demonic lol

No, she will not be pissed about it.


Okay just making sure! :+1:

One thing to remember is that the purpose of the Universal Circle is to help make evocation smoother. It is not for protection or confinement like a Circle of Solomon would be.