Doe's Anyone Know Anything About What The 7th Throne Is?

I have been reading the Lesser Key of Solomon and have noticed many Spirits mention how they, “…hope to return to the 7th Throne in 1200 years…”. I have tried looking the 7th Throne up everywhere but cannot find anything specifically mentioning the 7th Throne. If anyone has any information about this subject please let me know where I can find more information about this. Thank you.

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I assume it refers to the seventh heaven, and thr throne of god that lies therein.

Classically heaven was split into seven levels, and the seventh and highest of them housed the Throne.

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It refers to the planetary spheres, the 7th usually being Saturn. Saturn was the highest as it has the longest visible orbit on earth with the naked eye.

This was cribbed from the (older) Babylonian mythologies and their use of the seven spheres referring to their gods — the wandering and fixed stars were very important to them. This was distorted in JCI religions to only apply to their god and spirits, sometimes the term “sphere” is kept, though sometimes it’s replaced by throne.

Same happens with the number 12, this being the twelve signs of the ecliptic being changed to “gates” usually.

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It probably needs a little (or a lot) more context. the only thing it is not, is probably an actual throne ^^

Could be the 7 planetary spheres. It could be the 7th universe or the 7th layer of existence (I suspect that is one of the terms 7th heaven actually comes from) which would be symbolic of existence in it’s highest, or rather it’s most divine vibration.
It could be the 49th (7 x 7) emanation of the divine spark. Or the 7th birth or sevenfold development/ evolution of the spiritual being in this material layer of existence in order “vibrate” yourself out of the material existence and the astral planes connected to it.
The 7th turn of the Fibonacci sequence is usually considered 13. Which brings us to the 1200 years… 12 centuries. Perhaps connected to the 12 emanations of the divine, mimicked by the 12 emanations/ archons/ aeons of the demiurge. Making mr. Bob The Builder nr. 13… which (if you consider the christ not a part of the earlier abrahamic pantheon) in it’s term is mimicked by the christ and the 12 apostles

And that is just some of the possible explanations just off the top of my head that are worded in gnostic terms.


I have heard of that, but also couldn’t find much information regarding it. I’ll have to look more into it though. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

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I hadn’t considered that, but it makes a lot of sense though. Especially since they do mention the star signs and the planetary order a few times. I’ll defiantly look into it more because I’m still unsure if the 7th Throne is referring to the 7th planet or the 7th ring of Heaven. Thank you for your response though, I appreciate it.

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The two are very often used interchangeably, if that helps at all.

If you see old images of the way they thought the world was, from a geocentric model (earth being the center of everything), there are sometimes depicted as circles or layers in the heavens. These are ordered based on the speed of the lights/planets, with the moon appearing the fastest and first (as it goes through the entire ecliptic once ever ~28 days). Saturn is the slowest of the seven.

Sometimes these models ignore the lights and planets entirely, but the root of the meaning of the 7th layer or ring still comes from Saturn. :slight_smile:

Also what part of the Lesser Key were you looking at for this? I can have a look when I can for some extra context if that helps at all.

Oh wow, that is a lot information. It’s very interesting but I feel they may simply be coincidences with this subject. I still find everything you mentioned very intriguing and will look into that subject as well, but in regards of this subject, the “7th Throne”, I feel that the 7th planet theory or the 7th level of Heaven theory to be much more likely. Thank you for your response though, I appreciate it.

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Araboth or Arabot i believe is the term for the realm of the Throne of 7th heaven in Jewish Mysticism.