Does anyone know anything about Salaghas?

I have had a name pop in my head and in my dreams. Its so clear, I asked the spirit his name is how i got it but i cant find anything on him. Its like weve known each other for a very long time but he seemed surprised when we talked like he didn’t expect me to become aware of him in this life time. Ive had dreams with him before but this was different. What kind of being might he be, whats the best way to get back into contact with him. I dont know how to spell his name exactly but he said its how it sounds so ive written salaghas. If anyone has any ideas or helpful tips let me know. Anything is appreciated!

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Well why don’t you just, ask him

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Couldn’t find anything…nothing on the forum, nothing on Google, nothing at all. Since you’ve had dreams of him before & he gave you his name, & is aware that you know of him, summon him & ask him whatever questions you want to know :woman_shrugging:t6:


Update: Im am trying to get in contact with Salaghas, still working on that. But i told my boyfriend about him and when i said his name my boyfriend said its familiar to him too. Like some distant familiarity that he cant put his finger on which is awesome too. This man is my soulmate in a literal sense we have this energetic connection i cant describe but its crazy and wonderful that he knows hims to on some level. Ive always wanted that and if so much of the crazy shit in my life wouldnt have happened it would never have been. On some level i think its me calling both of them in some way im not sure it works like that but it feels like it.