Does anyone know any way of getting really good luck?

Hi,I’m in need of luck because I’m in a bad situation,literally the worst stuff keep happening to me and I never succeed in most things I try,theres way more but I wont be bothered to talk about it,so if anyone knows a way to get really good luck or just any sort of good luck that can change my situation I’ll be thankful.


@Dieu what have you tried so far to change this?

A mantra that gives extremely good luck, but it doesn’t work for me,it works for other people because I know some people who used it and it worked for them.

The only time it worked for me was a few years ago I kinda know the reason why it stopped working and I’m trying to fix it,And if you wanna know the reason why I’m able to tell you.

Your problem might not be a lack of luck. If I were you, I’d explore other possibilities. A reading can help to clarify the situation and give you insight into what’s actually happening. Have you tried banishing and protection magick?


Do a ritual with all your effort,
Scream a mantra as loud as you can,
The method can be many things the end result will be the same as long as you believe you have the ability to change it without doubting yourself.

But without a full explanation it could be many things, even just your perception of a view,
It could be blockages leaving that seem like a loss but are really just a start to a gain,
It could be something coming from you or it could just be someone’s shitting on you.

How you react is the important part but regardless know you can beat it.

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It might help others give advice if you feel comfortable sharing the reason

I wonder if you might be pushing away some of that good luck that may be attainable? Are you noticing things that you are lucky with right now?

Perhaps if you try to look at what is good about you and your surroundings and things that you enjoy?

These things can be the seemingly smallest and inconsequential things but if you can tap into those things and notice what you find enjoyable, your favourite tastes in food and drink, sights seen in nature, your favourite kind of whatever simple pleasures in life.

When you recognise that there are lots of those simple things that give you easy enjoyment then appreciation is also within you. Then you notice that gratitude is also in you.

From that you can hopefully feel that little bit better about things and realise that you are lucky to have a sense of smell and taste and able to see things etc. You then might notice more luck and then more and more and more luck.


What i’ve noticed is that you keep telling yourself you have bad luck it’s like you’re half way en route to bad luck. A simple spiritual cleansing bath from Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic that I think can help you is buying like 5LB bag of baking soda and bathing in it daily until the bag is finished. I would also do the LBRP daily or the kabbalistic cross. I would start with cleansing and protection first.

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The 7 lords of luck in Shinto lore.