Does anyone know any good sources to learn more about lilith and how to know if a spirit is calling you to work with him or her

So far I have read the blog called the satanic feminine devine about lilith I have also read that repeating dreams of things that are sacred to the particular spirit are a way to tell if a spirit is calling you to work with him or her

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If you want to know more about a specific entity/deity, the best way in finding more informations will be to evoke that specific entity, for fuck sake! Even if you don’t have the abilities too developed and you can’t perceive the direct messages(voices, mental images, etc.) coming from entities/deities. If you’ll succed in evoking you’ll get indirect messages which will lead/inspire you to other things. Evoking/invoking the entity/deity that you’d like to know more will definitely help you learn more about that specific entity/deity.
In regards about knowing if a spirit is calling you or not: the fact that a spirit wants to work with you will manifest usually in the form of the feelings that you have a curiosity about that spirit, you feel close towards that spirit or that entity will come alone to you (that could happen in different ways).

Not just the dreams can tell you that. For example, some time ago I was thinkining and discussing some things about Bael and Baelzebub and symbols and things related to those 2 entities with someone and then at some point I went in bed and I was trying to sleep, but I was thinking about the things I talked with that individual in regards about Bael and Baelzebub and out of nowhere appeared a fly (the flies are linked to Baelzebub) and was torturing me with it’s buzzing at my head and flying just next to my head. Btw, 1 hour ago or so I received a mental image in which there were plenty of flies and were feasting upon an opened wound or something.