Does anyone here work with Dantalion?

I evoked Dantalion and asked him to help me get a girlfriend and make the girl fall in love with me

A few days ago a girl I know started showing interest in me but to be honest I never even thought of dating her so I didn’t even pay much attention but then I changed my mind and moved forward but she was…I don’t know stepping backward ? something like that

But still I’m not sure wether this is the girl Dantalion is going to bring me or not and of course I’m confused why she suddenly changed her behavior when I approached her BUT I’m not even sure wether she was showing interest or just being nice :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

So could someone who works with Dantalion please ask him what I should do ? is this girl the one he has brought me or I should wait ? any advice from Dantalion ?

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Do you have a tarot set?

Using divination as a form of contact is what I do when I doubt my senses.


Make a move and dantalion will help you I have not work with dantalion to be honest but I work will lucifer I evoke him 3 times at day and I start to connection with him and he motivates me to say to you that


No unfortunately I don’t

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Yes of course but I just need a little bit guidance from him to be honest

The girl I just mentioned is not an easy case at all :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

So I need to be sure

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But apart from that whatever I’m supposed to do I DO need some guidance

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I’m in the same situation bro. Just makes shifts internally on your self believe it and it will happen


Ok @Azaroth thanks for your guidance


Anyone ?

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Maybe he wants you to take step towards her?
He can bring you a person or cause that this person is more open to you, but will not love you automatically. Especially if she didn’t know you before - you must work on relation, emotions and on what you give to people, or what you have to offer them. No relationship suddenly comes from nothing.

Dantalion is a spirit who doesn’t like to do all the work, without teaching a man something. So, maybe this is his act which is to make you aware that it is your turn now?

If you are not sure if this is the person he chose, ask Dantalion and focus on your premonitions.
Do you feel positive with her? Do you like her? If so, maybe this is the signal that this is the right person.


I explained that…

She stepped forward but I didn’t pay much attention at first but when I stepped forward she stepped backward


As I explained we knew each other

The reason I created this topic was that I’m not advanced enough so I can’t hear them clear enough for now so I need a little bit of help

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maybe you are looking for divination
Im working with Dantalion sigil too but i still learn … and have faith in him .
but in my opinion… why do not you just try to approach her … even if it is not her who is given by Dantalion … then in the process maybe you will get acquainted with her friend or someone else …
even in magic you should try to work it … its not suddenly you get what you wish in front of the door
try to believe in your intuition it is also one of the exercises to be sensitive in receiving Dantalion’s answer


Yeah I guess you’re right @deathduo

Maybe I should do that…

Who knows what will happen

Maybe like you say I manage to get along with one of her friends or maybe even herself