Does anyone here work with Azazel?

I was given some information by Azazel himself and I asked some magicians here to channel him for me but I need a little more information and there are a few more questions that I have so a short channeling of Azazel will be truly appreciated

I’m just a little confused and I need guidance


Hi there, I am one of those people who work with Azazel still even after a few years. Now I’ve never channeled for someone online but I’ve done it in person and for myself, however I believe I know a user who can help, can I recommend them?


I can help ya with that

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I’ve been close with Azazel for about 5 years I can give it a try if youd like :blush: unless you’ve already found what you need

Azazel is somewhat infamous for being one of those entities who will appear before you’re even done with the ritual to call him.
It is said that reading his name, or speaking it, and thinking about him brings him closer.