Does anyone here have a relationship with Samael frequently?

How did you get to know each other? How do you summon him?

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He is my mentor. He gave me signs that he wanted to work with me while I was still working through the gatekeepers.

I tend to use shamanic journeying to meet him, mostly. I have a grove, a temple and other places in the astral I go more often and he hears if I call from those. They all do. I also use basic ritual evocaction with a candle and incense using his sigil to call him into the room.

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Can u show me please which sigil do you use? I am planning to evoke him in the end of this month

I like this one.

I just googled it and picked the one I liked the best. The important part is setting your intention. You can even use accidentally the completely wrong seal and still get the entity you intended, as Jehanum posted about on his blog. It’s just a focus for your mind.
Get your head right and your magick will follow.


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He’s my Guardian Archangel. This was revealed to me a few years ago but due to personal reasons I cut ties with the Archangels. The thing is he never really left my side and is like a silent guide in my life.

I don’t really summon him. He makes his presence known either energetically or via silver orbs. If I need to contact him then I call to him and he comes.

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hay i am nadja 27 years i come from germany and i have a relationship with samael he loves me and i him

i have a karmic connection with samael he has often shown up in my dreams as a tall muscular man with black hair ocean blue eyes and very tall and black wings sometimes no wings

he is very calm only talks the most necessary things and listens to me more i talk a lot and quickly get moody and cheeky samael loves my cheeky mouth

Samael has also almost completely manifested at times except his head I could even touch him

it was true one evening i think at 1am my child was in bed with me slept i went down to the bathroom then up to the bedroom to sleep i sat on the bed child true away a muscular tall man was lying in my bed around me all around dark and black feathers and slow motion floating down I took his hand and looked at the feathers in fascinationI felt like knowing him all along like that’s the most normal thing in the world he’s gone Dan and I figured am I crazy now I’m awake holy shit

I had researched further thought to myself who true I had done a ritual with three red candles first did meditation I thought true an incubus Dan felt an energy and asked who are you then a male voice said I am samael

his voice is so beautiful, this calmness that he triggers in me and this love

I always feel his love for me and I and he have such a strong sexual attraction to each other that relationship with him is something special for me

I’m already at home with him in his dimension, he protects me, he loves me, he’s always there for me

He even said I will be born with him as his new queen and that he will pick me up after the death of course I am very happy to be his wife

vlt can you tell me what he means with new queen how can I imagine that

Of course I have more experience with him, but to write everything now is too much