Does anyone hear voices in certain parts of the brain

For example I hear voices coming from certain parts of the brain from the left hemisphere and right and sometimes where my Inner ear drum is and even the centre. Does anyone else experience this. I even felt many demons come into my brain while I sleep. Bune and clauneck did this frequently and others?


What do these voices say?

This…is not possible. There is absolutely no way you can pinpoint “a voice” coming from a specific part of your brain.

I think you are confusing the mind with the physical brain. While they are connected, they are not the same thing.


My thoughts exactly.
Depending on what he actually heard, I’d have recommended seeing a doctor about it as it sounds pretty…serious. ^^; However if it’s literally nothing but muttering I dislike making people feel uncomfortable by the suggestion. Darn you empathy!

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Scientist (biochem) here with some experience in neuroscience - I agree with @DarkestKnight. The mind is inextricably linked to the brain, but they are not the same. Thoughts are associated with complex circuits that span much of the whole brain, so even if you could localize a voice (you can’t), it wouldn’t be a discrete region - it would be a web of connections and activity across the whole structure.

That’s not to say that there can’t be some symbolic meaning, though, but that’s beyond my expertise.

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Where were you when I was failing my classes?

Experimenting with physical shapeshifting. :smile_cat:


Fair enough!

Yes. Sometimes I would hear a male’s voice, and sometimes a female’s voice.
Sometimes the voice would be in the center of the head, sometimes on the right side, the left side, .
It happens once in a while.
I assume it is just the brain activity in certain parts of the brain, but not sure.
Maybe other things, entities, but I am not sure

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Sure it’s not your actual hearing?


Their my guides most of the time I believe. Some of things they are right. Like keep going. Don’t give up. Or just random shit like when I make a decision I feel and hear them give advice in a certain part in brain. So idk.

Maybe I can lol

Exactly maybe we’re just extra woke.


I actually have very sensitive hearing. Doctor say I dont have the hearing of normal people. My ears hear farther lol :laughing: the doctor says. Actually you know what my doctors pretty much say in a fucking weirdo :joy: Iam a mutant!

Welp. Good luck fighting crime with the x-men my dude.