Does Anyone Have Experience With the House of Kel?

Hey All,

As the title says, I am wondering if anyone here has worked with the Mercurial spirits of the House of Kel, and what the experience was like. I’m going to be evoking them, and would like to hear about any results people have had with them.

I am surprised that there aren’t a lot of posts about these particular spirits because they are said to be able to heal any aspect of your existence so I’d think they could be very useful for whatever ails you. The only posts about them are from 2013-2014, with a few scattered references here and there. Perhaps it’s because they are angelic, not demonic, in nature.

I know some will ask, so their seal is found within EA’s book Evoking Eternity, for those who are interested.

Thanks for any and all replies!


They are in my list to evoke for healing my emotions and the trauma of the attack. i haven’t done it yet but i have them listed as one option to help me.
I look forward to see your experience with them

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Wow, no one has worked with the House of Kel?

I am flabbergasted.

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Have you evoke them yet?
what was you experiences with them?

Still no info? :laughing:

Maybe if you tell us the names of the entities

The spirits don’t have names. The seal for them given in Evoking Eternity is what EA calls a “House Seal.” It simply calls upon all the spirits of the House, in a similar way to how the specific Gateways in the Book of Azazel are for each distinct caste of the Nethers.

@anon85346918 I did open their seal. They worked very quickly and healed my depression and other mental maladies holding me back.


Very cool great to hear they help you
so you didn’t evoke them to physical form?

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No, because I didn’t have the space to do so.

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