Does anyone have experience in battling people that use the book Armed and Dangerous?

Hey, I am living with a christian roommate as mentioned in the introduction and there has been a shift of energy in our room, which makes me feel uncomfortable. He says he does spiritual warfare and that he targets the dark forces. He considered me the dark force because I have a picture of Buddha and Archangel Michael on my wall which he considers to be idolatry. I had so many problems with him and he refuses to turn down the volume of his exorcism videos which causes me to have a lot of trouble falling asleep. Is there any way I can banish the energy despite using salt water, IAO banishing, IAM Solar banishing and the pentagram ritual? And is there a way to defeat him efficiently or battling the forces in the book? (it relies on Psalm magic)


If you can; just ask him to leave.
Also, try some Psalm magic against him “Fight fire with fire”!
He really shouldn’t be taking offence at either picture. Anyone who practices Psalm magic wouldn’t/shouldn’t take offence to this.


Thank you very much, I will try :slight_smile:


Another point is that he thinks that he isn’t doing magic and that magic is evil, even though he uses it. The author of the book was an ex Santeria, that claims to be saved by Jesus, and he believes that spiritual warfare is different from magic. I tried to explain him that he uses theurgy but he doesn’t understand.


Are you in college?

yeah in a small one, it ends soon but it gets worse from day to day.

Thats what I though. :slight_smile: Let me ponder a moment

Thank you all for your assistance. Its just two weeks and finals are coming, so I really need my sleep and a room that doesn’t make me feel sick.

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He’s fooling himself! Best get him out of your place as fast as you can!

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At least its just two more weeks… I went through this one year. I’m glad that I can change room after this semester…


If he’s using psalms, call upon this guy:


Thank you! I plan to pray to him for protection and guidance. Can I also open the sigils and place it into the room to assist my banishing?

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Yes, you can.

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Let us know your results . He is nothing but you are something.


There are powerful beings who cannot be banished. You should ask the tarot before calling them to protect you

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Well I Trust Belial and Azazel Lucifer. … I do not need to banish. There us a LHP banishing ritual very much recommend if do it just once paraphernalia aside yiur intentions count enormously. These Beings know when you call them that you are not able to obtain all the incense in the world just to please. Someone mentioned sage cleaning thay good. Why don’t you invite & evoke the the ancient god/kings. These Beings are not your enemy and are very powerful

You can always hold a pillow over his face when he falls asleep. :innocent:


When your roommate is sleeping, or away from the room, curse him to leave by using Lord’s prayer backwards 54 times :

Nema! Livee morf su revilled tub
Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel
Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth
Vigrawf eu za sesapsert rua suh vigrawf.
Derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig
Neveh ni si za thre ni
Nud eeb liw eyth
Muck mod-ngik eyth
Main eyth eeb dwohlah
Neveh ni tra chioo
Rertharf rua!

You can do that while holding a glass of dirty water and let your breath reach the surface of that water while your praying/chanting, keeping him and your intention in mind.

When done, sprinkle some drops from that water on his bed, under the sheets if possible. Just few drops, and throw the rest in the sink, not the toilet.

Repeat that for 3 or 5 or 7 days. It should work fine :slight_smile:


@PrinceX Love it. Im copying this to my arsenal

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I love it too, what’s the significance of 54 times?

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