Does anyone believe in God?

Does anyone actually believe in God?? Such a cruel and deceitful entity?




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Because in all the main texts such as the bibles and quran it says God loves and is merciful but there is such suffering on an individual and mass scale that it begs the question that if there is a God then why??

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Define “believe”. “Believe” what? You mean as worshipping?
I think most in here don’t but some do.

That’s up to the practitioner to decide, if they’re satisfied with his ways then who are we to judge?


Fair enough

Aldonai? Yes I believe in him. Don’t like him though.


Guénon used to wrote “the Principle”, I guess it is the initiatic way of talking about what in religious terms is called God; in Hinduism we have Brahman and Atman. As such I consider it/Him real, and mirrored by the various gods.

God is unknowable, undefinable, he’s the ultimate paradox. The puzzle of all puzzles that no mind can solve.

Believing in God, is impossible. You can’t do anything to God, even believing in him. He is limitless, absolute. You can only know… nothing about him. That is the best you can do with your mind in your impossible relationship with him. To know that you don’t know anything…and accept it and open yourself to receive from him what you need and can know about him.

All images of God that you’ll find in any book, story, tradition or belief system. Are just that. Images and symbols.They help us understand and learn about ourselves more than they help us understand anything about God.

You say God is cruel and deceitful. Sure he is, and he is not. You probably mean God of the Abrahamic religions. That is God to those people. A magnified image of themselves in the mirror of their ego.The unlimited version of their limited self.

But no matter how you try to do it, you can’t believe in God. You can only believe what you perceive, what you can know, see, understand or imagine. Once you think of, or try to imagine the absolute… it’s not absolute anymore. Instead, try to accept all opposites of it. Absolute power and absolute weakness, absolute existence and absolute nothingness… when you do, your mind will suddenly give up and stop thinking. Because it can’t handle it. It’s not designed for such a task. It can only think logically, and reasonably, within limitations, go beyond logic, limits and reason, and it will stop functioning.

Drop the mind completely, all believing, all thinking, and all stories in all books about God. And open your heart to feeling him… unconditionally. Whatever you’ll receive, you’ll receive, whatever you don’t, you don’t. What your heart will feel, it will be reflected on your mind. The same way the moon reflects the light from the sun. You’ll understand without explanation. You’ll know without asking. You’ll find without seeking.

Start with what you see first. Feel that, and it will show you the way to the unseen. That’s why the ancients worshiped spirits of the elements of existence and called them Gods, sons and daughters of the invisible divine. All ancient religions knew this secret, they were highly advanced spiritually. And organized religions, especially Abrahamic religions as we know them today, were intentionally corrupted to hide it and take it away from people’s awareness. And it worked. Unfortunately.


Jesus fucking christ, I could cry to that! Well said!


I was going to say yes (now I cant after prince haha) I’ve had interactions with the force so I’m familiar but thats about it! I try to connect when I can and dont get to upset when I can’t!


If you look for an understanding of who/what/where god is outside of Abrahamic texts you’ll find that those arguments are easily reconciled.
Trouble is, in the west most people form their conclusions based on the aforementioned type of texts.
I used to ‘believe’ in god, before I came to understand through my personal experience that god (which has both masculine and feminine aspects) is a fact in my life.


Thank you so much, really appreciate it :blush:


God is the all.


Short answer, which one?


WTF MAN! I now know nothing about God!!!

What about morality. Can the most evil person live happily ever after? By evil, I mean the person who dealt most harm to other people. Are there bad consequences?

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I do believe Yahweh exists. I’m just not a fan of such a violent narcissistic entity.

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What I know from communicating with spirits of the dead for a while… there are consequences to our actions. Not in the form of religious heaven and hell. Those are shadows of the actual thing, got nothing to do with what happens after death. The real heaven and hell are different levels of existence that only accessible to people with matching consciousness or mental/emotional frequency, if that makes sense.

This is not an act of God as a superior intelligence ruling the afterlife or old man in the sky sending bad guys to hellfire and good guys to eternal heaven. But a natural effect to a cause we started by our actions, thoughts and feelings in this life.

As far as I know, God doesn’t judge anyone. We judge ourselves, not by our intellect or we all would end up in the highest heavenly state. But we have our “Satan” within us, our accuser, the silent witness, the subconscious. And that doesn’t care what we consciously think of ourselves. It only records what we do, think and feel all our lives and based on that, we move to the best place for us after death.

I hope that’s good news for you :slightly_smiling_face:


I exist, therefore so does God.


Thanks man.

But sorry, my IQ is a bit lacking (only 90) and English is not my native. So, I would like to ask some more questions about this, if you don’t mind.

What does this mean, can you rephrase it for me please?

I know that angels are higher frequencies, demons are lower. Heaven is higher freq, Hell is lower. But, knowing this, why are people bother working with demons. Why don’t they just chase after higher freq; Heaven? Isn’t Heaven better?

In the end, which is better: be an evil person, be a good one, or doesn’t matter as long as I am happy?

Thank you.


Interesting thoughts. Thanks everyone

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