Does anybody know when you're in half sleep and talk to spirits?

Does anybody know about that when you are in half sleep and recognize yourself talking to spirits? I know Koetting wrote about that but forgot what…

If you have experiences please tell me.
Some hours ago I noticed myself talking to Ladilok and getting a pervers comment.

Is that the higher self which is talking then?
I do not answer very conscious in half sleep.
You understand?



I put my alarms on early and try to do this pretty much every day. The more you practice the longer you can stay lucid, and you can astral travel in this state as well.


they have habit of puling me out of my sleep to talk i only had a convo with one recently who i identifidy to be azazel i only remember a peice of the convo its more commen then not


I think this was happening to me today…with Isis, Lilith and maybe Dionysus!

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Many years ago in a Venice hotel I almost fell asleep, when I heard a voice: “Don’t” followed by “sbeteplare”, I’m Italian but this word doesn’t make sense… More recently another, hoarse, voice (Bael?) asked “Did you like it?” and some days ago another episode happened but I forgot it.

I get contacted by spirits when in this state. Ill have just dropped off but not known it and ill get jarred awake by a spirits name echoing in my mind, which I was not contemplating at the time.

Also as @Mulberry stated, i also set an early alarm and do some exploring. The moment i wake, the exact moment, I grab my bedside note taking stuff and write bulletpoint keywords in the order they come to me to help to access the details. Robert Bruce refers to this seperation which must be overcame, as the mindsplit effect.
Matters not if accessing dreams or astral stuff, the keyword technique is pure gold as the memories are fleeting.

When you’re half-awake, your brain can play tricks on you. Because of that, it’s easy to confuse a spirit’s presence with just being tired. The best way I’ve found to determine which is which is by not relying just on sight (physical or psychic). Do you smell something? Feel? Taste? Using just sight to determine these things when you’re tired can be unreliable when you’re half-awake.

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When I’m half asleep, I only hear and the sight is something between “feel - see”. Don’t know if you understand, but I experienced situations when sight established from feeling. First you feel then it becomes more confused because your sight rises from the emotional picture you just feeled.
(Like the Svadhisthana picture passed through Manipura and you gained sight.
It’s very emotional/psychological.)

But IS IT THE HIGHER SELF which answers and talks then when you recognize yourself in hlf sleep communication?

I had an experience when a spirit told me I had forbidden too much while sleeping.
Big question mark.


I find that a spirit presence often results in a false awakening. Lucifer came to me as a woman in one such state. Though I have no reason to think that my higher self was doing the talking.