Does anybody know what happened to Frater L

Hi everyone.

I was a huge fan of RHP Occultist (not sure if he was only RHP) Frater L. (Motivation Magik). He did a lot of Avatar Power vids on YouTube and cabalistic prayers and banishing rituals. He guided you in a very understandable way. Now when I look at his YouTube channel it’s all gone. He was already low profile, but you can still listen to his vids. I really liked his clear way of teaching, I’ve learned a lot from him. Does anybody know if he is still active or coming back with new courses?


could you show us some links or materials?
Not sure if I have seen him before?

thanks :slight_smile:

Strange, what happened…where is he from by the way?

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Hi @Hermes,

I got the AVP ritual, but he had prayers, banashing rituals and some guided in a very clear way.

Thanks Hermes, I see I needed to provide more info