Does anybody have experience with Osiris

I’ve been drawn to Osiris and I was wondering if anybody has worked with him before, or knows a good place to research information about him.

The book of the dead. I think its pretty essential no matter who in the pantheon you are working with. I always start at Wikipedia and end up with a few pages of information. Osiris isnt one i work with although i am born under his astrological sign.

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I’ve met him a few times on my visit to the Egyptians Pantheon through the Duat


UPG indicates he and Set are the same entity. King Tutankamun slandered Set’s good name and split him into two entities out of anger. Set had left Egypt and hia first wife, Nepthys/Isis to go seed civilization in Sumeria by marrying Astarte/Anat and knocking up Innana/Ishtar. Set’s original name was Setehk, but when he married his first wife, Au Set (aka Nepthys, aka Isis) he took on the name Set because it fit with her name and Egypt was a matriarchal society.

He returned but left again some other time to go seed most of the rest of civilization by spreading his seed. He really got around. Sired the likes of Apollo for instance. Went all over the world knocking up goddesses. He is one of the first gods and is actually quite powerful. He is my patron deity though I am having trouble getting in touch with him due to my greenness to magick. Got blamed for all kinds of shit when he was gone both times. Set had nothing to do with raging sandstorm fucking Egypt while he was away. That’s just nature.

People like to think the gods are mere egregores. They are not. They claim them less powerful than demons even though they ARE those demons which is baffling. Take King Belial for instance. He is actually Set, as is Sitri. People know Sitri is Set but do not know King Belial is also. Again, this is UPG but I’m finding out some interesting stuff. Set is no egregore and neither are the other gods and goddesses. Some of them (like Set) have been around long before humanity and will be around long after.

Set is not evil, nor is he mean. When in his most original form, he is quite positive I hear. He strives fpr balance however and has directed me and another member of my sorceric lineage connected to the Egyptian gods to read a magical text called the Liber Nigri Solis. I suppose you can get a better understanding of Set by reading that, as can I. I must make the time…

Anyway, hope that helped.

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I get this is UPG but no he’s not, Belial is Belial, Set is Set, Osiris is Osiris.

Set and Horus were beneficial Deities together prior to Osiris cult taking over and causing a change in Set’s stance.

Set has no historical connection to Sitri either, that was a connection made due to the generalized idea that the Gods are the demons in the goetia due to demonization. However, when Set was demonized his name remained Set/Seth it never changed to Sitri.

The Goetia for the most part are their own beings and often linked forcibly to the Pagan Gods. Set was a God of sky, storms, change, death and primordial chaos. Belial is a demon of Darkness and Earth, not the the same as Set. Osiris was a God of the sky, earth, healing, and light, but had to journey through the Duat and be reborn as the God of the Underworld.

Sitri, Set, and Belial all exist on their own and often people have met all 3 of them, UPG is fine but UPG also must make sense.


THANK YOU!!! As i have been studying Isfet and Apep all i can find is “apep is satan” or “isfet is lucifer” they are all different beings. Now is apep or isfet a force of apep or isfet. I dont know but i know apep is not lucifer or satan.

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i hate that many egyptian gods and goddesses are called other entities


Yeah it seems a lot of places like to absorb the Egyptian Gods into their ideals it’s weird but it sadly matches up with a lot of what physically happened to Egypt through the years.

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As i said here

Apep has a more wild malice feel to him. It was wildly different than any demon or angel. I dislike “this god is also this god” its annoying at best.

I understand, I would agree. Demons are not Deities and vice versa.


Around 20 years ago I visited his Quarter (the East, I believe) under his guide, following the procedure from The ritual magic workbook by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki.

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Problem is, much of what we think we know about these entities is shrouded in lies. I could be wrong with my UPG, but then again perhaps the commonly understood info is wrong. Either way, it’s a good idea to take both possibilities seriously. Thank you for your assistance Velenos. I am never SURE of my stances. So I am always open to contradictory information. Thank you for your alternative take.

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There has to be some form of historical accuracy to align with the UPG not 100% but enough to where there is some confirmation of the UPG. UPG is fine even with unbiased SPG as well. But never on its own.

Must there? History has a long, well, history of being full of shit. And we humans have a long history of lying and making rash assumptions. I may be way off, I may be spot on, somewhere between the two or all of the above…

I’m open to new information. Ultimately though, when choosing what information to run with, I’m likely to pick what a) best fits personal experience, because I trust that more than historical record, and b) what has proven most beneficial. Though I recognize that it is folly to be too certain.

Thank you for your perspective. It gives me a greater sense of possibilities to explore.


UPG is never something you hold as 100% especially it’s just your own. Simply because it could also be your imagination. Confirmation goes way longer ways than pure UPG.

Disregarding human history is no excuse to base everything on UPG.

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I don’t. At least not necessarily. I just have other ideas for how to go about confirmation. Lore is one idea. There are many. Thanks again.

EDIT: Also, our imagination holds great power. All is real within the void, yet this is all a dream. Every belief is a decision before it is a belief, and interpretation is an act of creation. With that idea in mind, can I be too sure or too dismissive of ANYTHING I learn in my experiences? Is it not ALL my dream? MY imagination?

What makes you so sure we are so fixed upon a stable and rigid point in infinity that ther is truly a definitive answer?

I am uncertain even of that.

But because of this uncertainty, I value new info and input.

Hiya OP! The Osiris identity is a set of traits shared by at least 4 discrete individuals IME. One of which is also a Set, like Nate says! The Osiris pattern is one with very particular requirements, including the capability to put oneself back together through the environment, which can be difficult to pull off. They excel at plant magic, divination, healing, and maintaining a space’s power! :slight_smile:

IME people that pigeonhole entities into one consciousness are either deliberately misrepresenting, confused, or have only worked with/met one consciousness that fits the mythical pattern of the entity in question. Using history and traits depicted by others doesn’t work to capture the whole range of expressions of a deity! Practical experience trumps theory every day of the week. :slight_smile:

In other words, reality is a lot more flexible and fluid than people would have you believe. Approach without expectation, and you’ll be surprised at the results! There are far greater numbers of consciousnesses that share names, identities, traits, etc. then mythology ancient or modern would have you believe. :slight_smile:

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You’ve got the right idea, Nate! Human history and recorded praxis is no basis for ignoring what you’ve learned from the versions of those beings you’re interacting with. The vast majority of spiritual expression and magical capability lies beyond human scopes of stories and rules of rites! Anyone that tells you we are sitting on a fixed or rigid point of infinity is just blowing some steam. You’ll make a fine sorcerer! :slight_smile:

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It’s not really pigeonholing but stripping these entities down to just energy with traits is silly and disregards them as individuals is insanely misinformed, they are born, grow, experience, learn, just as we do. it’s as if people can’t tell the difference between real entities and servitors :thinking:

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Thanks Qayos for the words of encouragement!

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