Does anybody have experience with Lugh?

Can anyone share their experience with Lugh? I actually do have a huge interest in him because in chapter 7 in the book Awakening Lucifer it says that he is a crafter of many arts and cool shit and I always wanted to learn how to build and weld I think that stuff is really cool! Also is he really great for beginners? And it seemed more of the serious type? So if you guys can share your experiences that would be cool thanks!=)

The Celtic Lugh I assume yes?


@anon48079295 Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just saw the movie Dr.Sleep. but I mean the Lugh from the Awakening Lucifer book its about the different masks of Lucifer you can summon

Then yeah, the book is basically under the idea that Lugh is a mask of lucifer, but more in an archetype way of thinking.

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@anon48079295 oh okay. So have you by any chance worked with him before?

I’ve met him before yes, through my exploration through the Celtic Pantheon.

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@anon48079295 cool! So how was he? was he like a laid back spirit?

He was nice but also he came off somewhat apathetic, his energy was soft and kind of interesting for a solar and light deity, I expected a strong hard vibe from him but it was the opposite, although not weak just not what I expected.

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Huh… you think he works well with beginners?

If the beginner is dedicated.

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